How to make curls without a Curling iron, and curlers

Curly hair looks beautiful, festive and romantic. Every girl somehow did this hairstyle. Many do not know that you can create beautiful curls, even if there are no Curling irons and curlers, while the effect will be the same, and the damage — no.

Как сделать кудри без плойки и бигуди

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There are several ways to create curls, depending on the desired effect.

1. Cloth

The easiest and simplest way using rags. Take any unnecessary thing and cut into strips, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Then carefully wrap each strand, tying a small knot.

2. Studs

If you want to make African curls, then pins would be perfect. Take a thin lock of hair, gently twirling on the finger, and lock it with the invisible on top.

3. The bun to the hair

For those who prefer a low volume curls, enough to take the bun to the hair and wrap it on top. Your hair is not only curly, but also voluminous.

4. Headband

Take the usual wide cast of hair, clamp at the base of the forehead and wrap each strand under the rim, gently separating between them.

5. Tube

For lovers «baranka curls» ideal simple store-bought tube. Wrap each strand to the ground, the hair will get the effect of a Perm.

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