How to create a basal volume of hair

Voluminous hairstyle looks spectacular and beautiful. Some nature has given long hair, and my hair is thin by nature.

Как создать прикорневой объем волос

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This is not a problem, because there are many ways to give your hair the root volume, creating a beautiful and lush hair.

1. Large curler

This method is suitable if you want to do not only with voluminous hair, but also curly hair. Take a few pieces of large curler and curl on top.

2. High lump on the top

Make a high ponytail at the crown, screw on the bun and secure with Bobby pins. After a few hours your hair will be lush and voluminous. You can cheat for the night, for to sleep with that bump, it will be convenient, and in the morning you can get up with a beautiful hairstyle.

3. Drying with the head tilt

Tilt your head and blow dry the hair against their growth at the same time combing. Also suggest blow-dried, no combing hair.

4. Bouffant

This method was used even our mom. Take a thin comb and do a light bouffant, starting from the tip to the base of the hair roots. Observe safety precautions, using this method only when absolutely necessary, because a permanent NAP can damage your hair.

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