Tip 1: How to make a wash hair at home

Women who color their hair may face problem of bad coloring. Particular colours can make the image beautiful or ugly. If staining failed, you can resort to so-called flushing. The procedure involves the removal of unwanted pigment. This can be done in the salon and at home. To manipulation running through the factory based products or chemical components of traditional medicine.

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1. The frequency of washes chemical components should not exceed more than 1% in the six months since highly active ingredients with the frequent use harmful to the hair. The hair had been subjected to stressful effects of ammonia and peroxide, which are contained in standard paints, even very expensive. The use of chemical washes is justified only in the most extreme cases. However, it is inevitable, if as a result of improper dyeing turned out unnatural hair color, say green. In this extreme case, experts recommend to consult a good hairdresser.
It should be borne in mind that the pickling with the use of very aggressive components causing the greatest harm to hair, if to compare with other types of washes. Hair then you have time to reorganize. A significant part of them may fall out. This removes about 4-5 tones of unwanted pigment.
Salon remover offers a more gentle version – acid. It takes just a couple of shades of paint, but not so spoil the curls. The similarity of this procedure – home remover milk serum, but it will leave only the main components of the pigment. To achieve noticeable results, you will need to do some manipulation.

2. Beauty salon products you can use at home. The most effective the following: Decolorizing oil «Vitalitys», «Color off» from Estel, «Backtrack» by Paul Mitchell. These types of chemical washes can overcome even the darkest pigment after a single procedure. Prior to application, the tresses should moisturize. A means to hold on average for half an hour. It is important after washing to make a nourishing hair mask. It is desirable that it was not from people’s improvised, and were professional. To dye the hair after such manipulation is not immediately necessary. To do this valid only after a fortnight.

3. Folk remedies harm hair do not cause. But they can be used exclusively at home, and procedures will need to do quite a lot. You should know that natural ingredients are very slowly. But there should be careful pre-test a home a wash on the allergic reaction. You should put a little money on the inner bend of the elbow, wait for 20 minutes. If you do not have redness and itching, the drug can be applied on the hair.
The treatments wash-natural ingredients there are a few downsides. Besides the fact that the manipulation must be done often and in large quantities, compositions need to withstand on the hair for a few hours. With the removal of the pigment will only to some extent. Among the advantages of intact hair on the way out. Also, they will have a healthy glow and a beautiful view. The curls will remain intact and will not fall out. Another natural remover is inexpensive and made from readily available components.

4. Wash based on natural oils. Will fit: burdock, castor, almond, linseed, olive. Any of the above oils need to be warmed up, then massage into curls. So that worked even better, it is permissible to add the composition of some beer or stronger alcohol. Hair need a wash more than 2 hours. For the first time is enough, but in the future, the procedure time can be increased. To wash off the oil using shampoo many times. After recommended rinsing with lemon water (500 ml – juice of 1 lemon or half a teaspoon of citric acid).

5. Mix yolks with oil of castor oil. Will need a couple of eggs from which to obtain only the yolks. Mix them with 2 large spoons of oil, apply on hair and how to wrap. First, polyethylene or special hat, then with a towel. Keep an hour and a half. To remove need a wash with shampoo and rinse curls with chamomile tea. If the hair long, you will need to increase the volume of components by half. In addition to the egg yolks, castor oil should be mixed with pure lemon juice or buttermilk.

6. The soda water. It is widely used to remove unwanted color. Soda – lye, so it can eliminate unwanted pigment. You must mix 3 large tablespoons of baking soda with 500 ml of water. Apply the solution on your hair. Hold for 40 minutes, rinse. The new wash should be done in about a couple of days.

7. Soap. It also is composed of alkali, is therefore able to adjust any tone. Soap wash hair as shampoo, the only difference is that in the process you should hold the tool on the head for half an hour, and then rinse. Because this soap dries the hair, then after using it you need apply a hydrating balms or masks.

8. Yogurt, whey. Yogurt or serum should be warmed and apply on hair for half an hour. Wash with shampoo, followed by application of balm.

9. Daisy. Recommended to use dry flowers. 100 g pour 500 ml of boiling water and let stand half an hour. Once the composition has cooled down to rinse their hair and wash with shampoo. Further, the experts recommended to add a tincture of chamomile and a couple of tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide 30%. When you need to apply the composition to the hair, wrap and leave for half an hour. Wash with shampoo.

10. Honey cleanser. Before its use, the head should be washed with shampoo. Rinse with a solution of baking soda and apply to wet hair liquid honey varieties. RUB into the scalp and leave for 10 hours wrapped head. In the composition of natural honey acids that will act on the hair gradually. Another option is the use of a honey wash first to warm up the bee delicacy in a water bath, and then applied to the curls. To wrap up, leave for 8 hours.

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