How to make the skin on your heels soft and smooth

A woman possessing beautiful skin is admired and attracts the eye. The perfection of the image will certainly confirm well-groomed heels, which even make the walk easier. How to help the skin on our heels to become more delicate and smooth? It is important to remember that any withdrawal would have sense, if to maintain regularity.

Как сделать кожу на пяточках мягкой и гладкой

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Caring for the skin on the heels needs to be daily and become your healthy habit. This simple rule will help to prevent the appearance of unsightly cracks and roughness on heels. Another important point is the analysis of power. Sufficient amounts of seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, dairy products best impact on your skin.

Also be aware that you drink sufficient quantity of water. If cracked heels are already there, note how chronic they are. If all the beauty treatments you conduct properly and the cracks do not go away, perhaps there’s another reason. For example, skin fungus, gastritis, kidney disease or endocrine system. In this case not self-medicate and consult a doctor. It so happens that the body reports on violation in work of any organ.

Daily care for the heels consists of several procedures: washing, peeling, nourishing cream. The additional foot bath, mask or deeper peeling flaking rough layers of the skin enough to do once or twice a week. Not necessary often to use a deep peel, the skin can heal. With frequent exfoliation, the skin becomes thin and may have cracks.

Important point before apply a nourishing cream, it is necessary carefully to dry the skin by blotting it with a towel. Footwear and clothing also affect the skin of the heels. Shoes too tight squeezes the foot, causing friction, and, as a consequence, there are blisters. Tights and socks of artificial fibres, not allow the skin to «breathe». The skin too dry and crack. Also, these conditions are very favorable for the growth of bacteria and fungi of the foot. Therefore, it is better to replace synthetics in socks and tights made of cotton or bamboo.

With the onset of warm time of the year the care is even more thorough. Choosing open shoes, prefer sandals with a strap to flip flops and sandals, which at each step added up the heel. So you protect your skin from further negative impact.

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