How to get rid of «orange peel» at home

Many women are wondering how to get rid of «orange peel». At home is it possible to get a positive result or should visit a professional beauty salon? As a rule, professionals have to pay a decent amount for the cost of the procedure, so consider how to deal effectively in home with orange peel.

Как избавиться от апельсиновой корки в домашних условиях


Recipes from «orange peel» at home

To get rid of the effect of «orange peel» will help simple recipes:

  • The usual food film with any of the following: a special algae, dirt, or blue clay. Apply the selected material on the «orange peel» legs or hands, wrapped in cling film and put on, for example, Terry Bathrobe, after an hour wash off the mask with the «orange peel» in the shower. The wrapping film is carried out at least 2 times a 7 days.
  • A mixture of sea salt. Perfectly eliminates annoying «peel». Take a shower, then pour salt into the palm, but rather on a coarse sponge, three crust and enjoy the process, and so for about 10 minutes. Opolaskivaniem, wipe your fluffy towel, don’t be afraid of redness, and then apply the cream.
  • If the pressure does not jump, and no problems with blood vessels, you can enjoy a bath with salt. Nice and budget activity. Prepare a bath as follows: take two handfuls of salt and dilute in the bath with warm water, the temperature should be no higher than the human body. Enjoy a bath should be no longer than 15 minutes, 2-3 times a week.
  • Honey massage. Improves blood flow, eliminates toxins, cleanses the skin. A good effect has honey in conjunction with aromatic oils, for example, a teaspoon of Linden honey and a few drops of fragrant lavender oil. To use you can use any essential oil. Sweet massage is done as follows: take the palm oil kasha and pohlopyvaniem problem areas. Pat resembles like driving a mass in the skin. Honey-oil massage for 7-10 minutes, then wash off with room temperature water, dry the skin and moisturize.
  • Coffee and massage. Take a shower or warm bath, of the insoluble residue to RUB the area where formed the «orange peel», 5-7 minutes. After the treatment the skin is velvety and can take on a slightly Golden hue.
  • Water and Apple cider vinegar. Apply at a ratio of 1:1 in the right part of the body, wrapped up in cling film and wear a Bathrobe. For 100% effect, you can dance or run for a pet. The vinegar is applied for an hour, then wash off with warm water and soften skin cream.
  • Banks. First, you need to consult with your doctor, as the procedure may not be safe for vessels, capillaries. Secondly, if the skin is tender and sensitive, it hurt and left bruises. Will have some time to walk in the pants. The procedure is as follows: take a shower, apply on hands, feet and belly with scented oil (not butter) to attach the canister to the problematic section and click on it. Adhering to the Bank you should move on this problem area for about five minutes, then you need to go to the next area. After the procedure, adopt the horizontal position and rest. Banks usually apply a couple of times a week, in the course of 10 days.
  • So, following these easy recommendations to eliminate «orange peel» at home, namely: on legs, face, buttocks, thighs (LASCO), you can get rid of quickly and efficiently without going to costly salon treatment.

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