How to prepare your body for the summer at home

Merciless winter holidays tenacious grip grabbed the women’s hips, buttocks and waist. Because of this, no desire to look at myself in the mirror: «there is no I, there’s someone else». And I want to hide everything under a tight sweater and shapeless pants, and it is better under the shirt of her husband, which more sizes since 5. Yes, and cake with cream all it’s a universal mount to jam. Familiar? But the heat is not around the corner, it’s time to learn how to prepare your body for the summer at home.

как подготовить тело к лету в домашних условиях

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Enough moping. It’s time to get down to business — or rather for the body. Spring, sunshine, warmth and flowers, and then hot hot summer, vacation at the sea, beach and bikini. In order to Shine and impress the beauty of his body, now is the time to take action.

How to get in shape for summer in home

Initially, faith in yourself. Focus on a good result — the success of 50% of the entire work.

Model parameters — not the standard of beauty. Beauty elastic skin, well-groomed body and the ability to emphasize the dignity of the female figure.

Take a look at some beauty recipes that are available each of the fair sex!

1. Food. To begin the path to transformation should be proper nutrition. Sweet, salty, fatty, fried foods are off — limits. Long live vegetables, fruits, boiled or steamed, poultry, rabbit, Turkey, lean fish. Fruits and vegetables — sources of essential vitamins and minerals for the female body. Add in the diet vegetable oil, olive oil, Flaxseed. They are rich in vitamin E which is essential for skin it makes it elastic. You need to revise the diet to allow the body in order for a month or 2-3 max.

как питаться чтобы похудеть на 5 кг за месяц

2. Bath and shower. Contrast shower in the morning not only improves immunity, but also gives the skin the necessary elasticity. And in the evening — bath with aromatic oils and sea salt. They help with different skin conditions, minor wounds, stimulate blood circulation, skin is smooth. It is also a way of dealing with the horrible orange peel. Bath with milk for weight loss are incredible benefits — like the skin, nourishing it, and for the whole body. And you can treat yourself to your favorite bath with rose petals – cosmetic effect, maybe not, but the mood improves instantly!

ванны для похудения в домашних условиях

3. Another easy way to prepare your body for summer at home – the use of oils. For example, olive oil or flax seed oil it is possible not only to include in the diet, but also rubbing them after bath. The skin becomes velvety, soft to the touch. This simple procedure helps to nourish it with nutrients.

масляные обертывания от целлюлита

4. Press. It is indispensable if you want to look sexy in a bikini. Preferably every day to work out all the muscles to exhaustion and to the burning sensation. Yes, this option is not very tempted, but the inches will go on the eyes.

как накачать пресс в домашних условиях

5. Walks in the fresh air. Walking and running – springs health and beautiful body, do not forget about it. And if the walk involved the whole family, it is also a charge of good mood for all its members of being together.

как бегать чтобы быстро похудеть

6. Honey wrap for weight loss at home. It is the gift of your body, honey brings great benefits for the skin. A struggle with cellulite, skin nutrition. Elastic and toned body with an incredible softness that is needed in the summer. And if we add honey massage, then the question of how to prepare your body for the summer at home, will disappear by itself.

медовые обертывания для похудения в домашних условиях

These simple tips on how to lose weight fast and easy and really give a good result. I like and love yourself!


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