How to use Goji berries for weight loss

The Goji berry is called and otherwise – Tibetan barberry. And all because of the fact that this berry grows in the mountainous regions of Tibet. The monks of Tibet differ good health paired with longevity, so eat Goji berries.

Ягоды годжи для похудения

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These berries reduce appetite, normalize blood sugar levels, cholesterol. The brain and heart is improved. And yet, this berry restores cells, increases the metabolic rate. It is not surprising that these berries take for weight loss!

Of course, not everyone knows how to take these berries for weight loss and rejuvenation. The product is quite expensive if its wrong to take, then you will spend both time and money for nothing. Better to use the dried berries is from 15 to 50 g per day. You can add Goji berries to cereals, yogurt and to soak in the water. It is desirable to use them in the morning and in the evenings.

Very useful for weight loss will infusion from this fruit. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water a small handful of dry product, leave for half an hour. Take the infusion twice a day.

If you need to lose weight in a short time, then pour two cups of vodka 50 g of berries, leave for a week. The resulting tincture should be taken twice per day for this, 10 ml of the tincture diluted with half a glass of plain water.

For rapid weight loss suitable eating berries with porridge. Pour a glass of water half a Cup of brown rice (pre-wash it), add some berries, cook until soft. Porridge turns out tasteless, but you still try to do without oil, sugar or any spices.

Sometimes Tibetan barberry can cause abdominal pain, nausea. But often it happens due to the fact that people just increase the dose of the berries, wanting to overthrow the hated kilograms. You can’t do that! A large number of these berries can lead to food poisoning. Also, these fruits are contraindicated in diabetics and those with hypertension.

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