How to do head massage for hair growth

Head massage has long been considered one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the condition of hair. Our ancestors knew how to do the head massage for hair growth, so they stayed strong and healthy.

Как делать массаж головы для роста волос

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Head massage for hair growth: reviews cosmetologists

Many cosmetologists recommend to give daily a little time for this simple procedure. For a short period of time massage is able to eliminate loss of the strands and to get rid of dandruff. Curls become more and more attractive, start to sprout new hairs, which add volume.

Proper scalp massage for hair growth

Technology the procedure is now very much.

  • One of the most popular and easiest ways — head massage comb for hair growth. To do the procedure takes a long time, about half an hour. First, you comb the curls with his head bowed down about a hundred strokes with the hairbrush, and then in the usual way the same amount of time.
  • Pulling hair is also one of the very effective types of massage heads. The main thing to calculate the force and not rip out strands, namely, to pull them. Such manipulations affect the blood flow and stimulate the growth of hair and it is just. Alternately you need to take a thin strand, located near the root and pull. To do the procedure without the use of force so as not to cause discomfort.
  • Как делать массаж головы

    Head massage: tips professionals

  • All massage movements should be carried out only with fingertips to activate blood circulation normal. For best effect, experts recommend to hold thumbs for the whiskey, and the other to hold the scalp from top to bottom, pressing lightly.
  • Each session should only be carried out on clean washed hair. Owner greasy hair type can perform a massage treatment before shampooing, massage is able to stimulate the production of sebaceous glands and the hair this will look untidy.
  • On the market of cosmetics has a huge range of special massagers, which are very convenient to use and give not smaller effect, than from manual massaging. Various kinds of capillary massagers for the head, of course, is not able to increase the growth of hair, but have a calming, anti-stress effect. The cost is quite reasonable.
  • Interaction massage movements combined with essential oils is able to give the beauty of curls, pleasant aroma and good mood. Thanks to the massaging components of the oils are absorbed better and faster. Only half an hour of daily head massage positively affects appearance of hair.
  • Head massage for hair growth for men and women is able to do wonders, and give a wonderful mood and cheerfulness.

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