Gentle spring nail designs: step-by-step master class

That came into its own spring. It’s time to move on from dark winter colors, and delicate spring designs on nails.

Нежный весенний дизайн ногтей: пошаговый мастер-класс

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You will need

  • — buff;
  • — primer;
  • base;
  • top;
  • — gel Polish beige, red and light green colors;
  • white, dark green and red gel ink;
  • a thin brush;
  • — cleanser or other liquid to remove the stickiness.


1. The usual way to prepare the nail. Buff, remove the Shine, treated with primer, base and dry them in the lamp. Apply gel Polish beige. The sample on the gel Polish applied in a single layer. Dry the lamp. Remove the sticky layer from the color coating paint underpainting Bud and dry. Red gel paint and fine brush, the outlined petals of the Tulip and again dry them in the lamp.

2. To create volume to your figure, draw the shade. White gel paint wyswietlen petal. That would create a smooth transition from the white color and continue to wind it down, slightly wetted brush in the top and washed out white color. Dry the lamp.

3. To create the depth of the Bud, as well as white color, the specified parts of petals of red gel paint and blur it. Dry pattern.

4. White color, slightly flared top, Prorsum of Tulip petals and place into the lamp.

5. Light green gel Polish make a sketch of the leaves, dry them, and then draw shadows with a dark green gel paint. Dry the lamp.

6. White gel paint draw the glare on the leaves, similarly blurring the color top.

7. To create the background light green gel Polish must be free from Tulip land. Making the color translucent, eroded top. Dry the lamp the whole picture, then the whole nail overlaps the top and everything is completely dry.

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