Android emulator MEmu

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MEmu is one of the few Android emulators for Windows in Russian (means not only the Russian-speaking system that is easy to configure in any emulator, but the fact that the interface of the MEmu in Russian). The emulator features high speed, good functionality and support for games.

In this short review is about the possibilities of the Android emulator, the experience, the use of functions and setting up MEmu, including typing in Russian keyboard, options, operational and VRAM and some others. Also I recommend to acquaintance: the Best Android emulators on Windows.

The installation and use of MEMUs

Emulator installation MEmu will not be a problem, except that don’t forget to choose Russian language on the first setup screen as in the screenshot above — as a result, you will receive settings, tooltips for buttons and other elements in plain language.

After installing and running the emulator, you will see almost standard Android desktop with controls in the right pane (the installed version is Android 4.2.2, it opens by default in 1280×720 resolution, 1 GB of available RAM).

The emulator used is not pure Android interface and MEmu Launcher, distinctive moment which apps bottom of the screen in the center. If you wish, you can install your launcher. When you first start is also automatically run app «Guide MEmu» which shows the main features of the emulator.

In MEmu pre-pre installed Google Play, ES Explorer, have root access (disabled in settings if necessary). Installation of the applications you can run from the Play store or from the APK application file on your computer using the appropriate button in the right pane.

All of the controls located to the right of the emulator window:

  • To open the emulator in full screen
  • Key binding to areas of the screen (to be discussed later)
  • Screenshot
  • Shake the device
  • Rotate screen
  • Install the app from APK
  • Terminate the current application
  • Install the application from the emulator on a real mobile device
  • Macro recording
  • Video recording from screen
  • Emulator options
  • The volume

If any of the icons on the panel you do not understand, just hold your mouse pointer over it, a tooltip appears explaining its purpose.

Overall, «inside» the emulator nothing special, and if you ever worked with Android, the use of MEMUs will not be difficult, except perhaps some of the nuances of the settings, which are described next.

Setup emulator MEmu

Now some settings of the emulator, which you can use.

Most often when using Android emulators, users raises the question of how to enable the Russian keyboard (or rather enable input in Russian with physical keyboard). To do this in MEmu, use the following:

  • Go to settings (settings the Android), in the section «Language and input» to select «Keyboard & input methods».
  • Make sure «default» is selected, the keyboard MemuIME.
  • In the section «Physical keyboard», click Microvirt Virtual Input.
  • Add two layouts: Russian (Russian) and English (English US).
  • The inclusion of the complete Russian keyboard to switch between the two layouts in the emulator you can use Ctrl + Space (I have somehow earned only after restarting the emulator). If you need additional customization computer keyboard for use in MEMUs, you can use a third party app External Keyboard Helper.

    Now about the settings not Android on MEMUs, and the environment in which it runs. Access to these settings you can click on the gear icon in the right pane. In the settings you will find several tabs:

  • Basic — allows you to specify the number of processor cores (CPU), RAM size, memory, screen resolution, language and the parameters of the emulator window.
  • Advanced — to determine the virtual model of the telephone operator and phone number (to call, of course, impossible, but may require to verify applications). Here in the Other section you can enable or disable Root virtual keyboard (not displayed by default).
  • Shared folders — allows you to specify shared folders for computer and Android in the emulator (i.e. you can put something in a folder on the computer, and then in the emulator to see this, for example, using ES file Explorer).
  • GPS to determine a «virtual» location (I have this item does not work, display error, fix failed).
  • Hot key for setting keys in the emulator, including the creation of screenshots, fullscreen and «Boss Key» (hiding the emulator window).
  • And the last aspect of the setup — the key binding to areas of the screen, which is indispensable in games. Clicking the corresponding item in the toolbar, you can place controls in the desired area of the screen and assign them to any key on the keyboard.

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    Also, just clicking in the right area of the screen and typing the letter, you can create your own controls (i.e., in the future, at a time when pressed this key on the keyboard, the emulator will be generated by clicking on the selected area of the screen). After you assign keys, don’t forget to confirm the changes (click the checkmark at the top right).

    In General, MEmu leaves a pleasant impression, but subjectively slower than the recently tested Leapdroid (unfortunately, the developers stopped the development of this emulator and removed it from his official website). During the inspection, games worked well and fast, but to run AnTuTu Benchmark failed (or rather, failed to pass the tests — depending on the version of AnTuTu or hung in the process or not started).

    Download the Android emulator MEmu for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 from the official site (the choice of the Russian language during installation). Also, if you need a newer version of Android, please note the link Lolipop in the upper right corner of the page, there are instructions for installing Android 5.1).

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