How to create D drive in Windows

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One of the most frequent wishes of the owners of computers and laptops — create the D drive in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7 however in order to store data on it (photos, movies, music and other) and it makes sense, especially if you from time to time reinstall the system, formatting the disk (in this situation is the possibility to format only the system partition).

In this tutorial — step by step on how to partition a disk or laptop computer with C and D by means of the system and third party free programs for these purposes. To do this is relatively simple and the creation of the disk D will be a force for even the beginner. Can also be useful: How to increase drive C through disk D.

Note: to perform the following actions on the C drive (system partition on the hard disk) should be enough space to allocate it «under D drive,» i.e., to allocate it more than free, will not work.

Create D drive using the utility «disk Management» of Windows

In all recent versions of Windows have built-in utility «disk Management», which, in particular, it is possible to divide hard disk into partitions and create a drive D.

To start the utility, press Win+R (where Win — logo key-Windows), type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter, after a short time loaded «disk Management». Then, perform the following steps.

  • In the lower part of the window, find the disk partition the disk C.
  • Click the right mouse button and select the context menu item «Shrink volume».
  • After you search for available disk space in the «amount of space to shrink» specify the size of D drive in megabytes (by default, there will be the full size of the free disk space and better value is not to be kept on the system partition must have enough free space to work, otherwise there may be problems as described in the article Why computer slows down). Click «Compress».
  • After compression, you will see «right» from the C drive to the new space marked «Unallocated». Click the right mouse button and select «new simple volume».
  • In the opened new simple volume wizard, simply click Next. If letter D is not occupied by other devices, then the third step will be prompted to assign a new drive it (otherwise, the following in alphabetical order).
  • At the stage of formatting you can specify the desired volume label (the label for drive D). Other parameters usually do not want to change. Click «Next» and then «Finish».
  • The D drive is created, formatted, will appear in «disk Management» and Windows Explorer 10, or Windows 8 disk management Utility can be closed.
  • Note: if the 3-th step size of the available space is not displayed correctly, i.e. the available size is much less than in fact on the disk, it says that to shrink the drive interfere with unmovable files in Windows. The decision in this case is to temporarily disable the paging file, hibernation and restart the computer. If these steps do not help, then in addition to defragment the drive.

    How to split the disk into C and D at the command prompt

    Everything that was described above can be performed not only by using the GUI «disk Management» in Windows, at a command prompt using the following steps:

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  • Start a command prompt as an Administrator and in order, use the following commands.
  • diskpart
  • list volume (the result of executing this command, note the volume number corresponding to your drive C to be compressed. Further — N).
  • select volume N
  • shrink desired=SIZE (where size is the size of D drive in megabytes. 10240 MB = 10 GB)
  • create partition primary
  • format fs=ntfs quick
  • assign letter=D (here D is the desired drive letter, it should be free)
  • exit
  • This can close the command prompt, and a new D drive (or another letter) will appear in Windows Explorer.

    Use the free program Aomei Partition Assistant Standard

    There are many free programs that allow you to divide your hard drive into two (or more). As an example will show how to create D drive in the program in Russian language Aomei Partition Assistant Standard.

  • After starting the program, right-click the mouse on the tab corresponding to your C drive and select the menu item «Split partition».
  • Specify the size for drive C and drive D and click OK.
  • Click «Apply» at the top left of the main window and Go to the next window and confirm the restart of the computer or laptop to perform the operation.
  • After a reboot, which may take longer than usual (do not turn off the computer, ensure the power to the laptop).
  • After the process of dividing the disk again to boot into Windows, but in Explorer will have disc D, in addition to the system disk partition.
  • Download free Aomei Partition Assistant Standard from the official site (website in English, but the program has Russian interface language is selected during installation).

    On this complete. Instruction is designed for cases when the system is already installed. But you can create a separate disk partition and during the installation of Windows on a computer, see How to partition a disk in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 (the latter method).

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