Classic start menu Windows 7 to Windows 10

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One of the frequent questions of the users switched to the new OS — how to make Windows 10’s start in Windows 7 — to remove the tiles to return the right pane of the start menu from 7-Ki, the usual button «shutdown» and other items.

Return the classic (or close to) the start menu from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you can use third-party software, including free, which will be discussed in the article. Also is there a way to make the start menu «more standard» without the use of additional programs, this option will also be considered. (also has English version of the site, go to you can press the «Russian version» at the top right of the official website and if you decide to buy StartIsBack, it’s better to do it on the Russian version of the website).

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    The classic start menu without software

    Unfortunately, the full start menu from Windows 7 back to Windows 10 will not work, however, you can make it look more conventional and familiar:

  • Unpin all the tiles on the start menu in the right part (right click on tile — «unpin from start»).
  • Resize the start menu using its edges — the right and the top (dragging the mouse).
  • Remember that the additional start menu items in Windows 10, such as «Run», go to control panel and other system elements are available from the menu that opens on clicking the start button, right-click (or hotkey Win+X).
  • In General, this is enough to comfortably use the existing menu, without installing third-party software.

    On this complete overview of how to return to normal start in Windows 10 and hope that you will find a suitable option among the presented.

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