Cleaning Windows in Avira System Speedup Free

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Free programs to clean computer of unnecessary files on your disk, elements, software and systems as well as to optimize the performance of the system is very popular among users. Perhaps for this reason, many software developers in recent years began to release its own free and paid utilities for these purposes. One of them is Free Avira System Speedup (in Russian) from a reputable manufacturer antivirus with a good reputation (Another utility to clean from the manufacturer of antiviruses — quick heal Cleaner).

In this small review is about the possibilities of Free Avira System Speedup to clean the system from all sorts of garbage on your computer and additional functions of the program. I think the information will be useful if you are looking for reviews of this utility. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

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Installing and using the software computer cleanup Free Avira System Speedup

Download and install Avira System Speedup Free from the official website of Avira, both individually and in a set of programs Avira Free Security Suite. In this review, I used the first option.

The installation does not differ from that for other programs, however, in addition to the cleaner, you will have a small application Avira Connect catalog tools development Avira with their fast download and install.

Cleaning system

After installation you can immediately start to use the program for disk cleanup and the system.

  • After launching the Free System Speedup in the main window you will see the summary statistics on how optimized and secure your system according to the program (do not take the status of «bad» seriously — in my opinion, utility roughing it, but on «critical» it makes sense to pay attention).
  • Pressing the Scan button starts the automatic search of items that can be cleaned. If you click on the arrow next to this button you can enable or disable the scan options (note: all options marked Pro are only available in the paid version of the same program).
  • During the scanning in the free version Free Avira System Speedup will be found junk files, Windows registry errors and files that may contain sensitive data (or to serve to identify you in Internet cookies, cache browsers and the like).
  • After the scan is finished, you can see the details for each found item by clicking on the icon with the pencil in the column «Details», there you can unmark items that you do not want to remove when cleaning.
  • To start cleaning, press the «Optimize» relatively quickly (although, of course, it depends on the amount of data and speed of your hard disk), the system cleaning is complete (ignore the relatively small number of cleared data in the screenshot — actions were carried out almost clean virtual machine). The button «to Release N GB» in the offers to upgrade to the paid version of the program.
  • Now try approximately to see how effective the cleaning free Free Avira System Speedup by running after it for the other tools for cleaning Windows:

    • Built-in utility «disk Cleanup» Windows 10 without clean system file offers to delete 851 MB of temporary and other unnecessary files (784 MB of temporary files, which for some reason were not removed). May be interested in: using the system utilities disk Cleanup Windows in enhanced mode.
    • Free CCleaner with the default options — suggested cleaning 1067 MB, including all that is found «disk Cleanup» and also added a cache of the browsers and some elements of a smaller amount (by the way, your browser cache, it would seem, was cleared in Avira System Speedup Free).

    As a possible conclusion — unlike the antivirus Avira free version Avira System Speedup performs its task of cleaning the computer is very limited, and selectively removing a number of unnecessary files (and does a bit strange — for example, as far as I can tell, purposefully removed some small proportion of temporary files and cache files browsers that technically even more difficult than to remove them all at once, i.e., the artificial limitation), in order to encourage buying the paid version of the program.

    Look at one more available free program function.

    Master optimize Windows startup

    Free Avira System Speedup is in the Arsenal of free tools available, the optimization wizard is run. After running the analysis, offer new services settings of Windows, some of them will be asked to disable it for some enable delayed start (in this case, which is good for beginners, not in the list of services that may affect the stability of the system).

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    After changing the startup options by pressing the «Optimize» button and restart the computer, you can actually notice that the Windows boot process has become slightly faster, especially in the case of a not very fast laptop with slow HDD. Ie about this feature, we can say that it works (but in the Pro version promises to optimize your startup to an even greater extent).

    Tools Avira System Speedup Pro

    In addition to more advanced cleaning, the paid version offers optimizing power management settings, automatic monitoring and cleaning system, OnWatch, increase FPS in games (Game Booster), and a set of tools that are available on a separate tab:

    • File search duplicate files, file encryption, secure deletion and other functions. Cm. Free software to find duplicate files.
    • Disk Defragmenter, error checking, secure disk wiping (unrecoverable).
    • System — Defrag the registry, customize context menus, managing Windows services, drivers.
    • Network — configuring and fixing network settings.
    • Backup — create backups of the registry, boot records, files, and folders and restoring from backup.
    • Software — remove Windows programs.
    • Recovery — recover deleted files and manage system restore points.

    With high probability, and cleaning and additional functions in Pro version Avira System Speedup really work as needed (have not had the opportunity to test, but rely on the quality of other products of the developer), however I was expecting more from a free product version: normally, it is assumed that the unlocked functions of the Free programs work completely, but the Pro version extends the set of such functions, and here the limits apply available cleaning agents.

    Free download Avira System Speedup Free from the official site

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