How to block Windows 10 if someone tries to guess your password

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Not everyone knows but Windows 8 and 10 allows to limit the number of password attempts, and when it reaches the specified number to block further attempts for a certain period of time. Of course, it will not protect from a reader of my site (see How to reset Windows 10 password), but it can be useful in some cases.

In this tutorial — step by step two ways of setting restrictions on attempts to enter a password to sign in to Windows 10. Other guides that may be useful in the context of setting limits: How to limit the computer use time by means of the system, Parental control Windows 10, the Guest Account Windows 10, kiosk Mode Windows 10.

Note: function only works for local accounts. If you are using a Microsoft account, you’ll first need to change its type to «local».

Limiting the number of attempts to guess the password on the command line

The first method is suitable for any editions of Windows 10 (as opposed to the following where you want the editors not below Professional).

  • Start a command prompt as Administrator. To do this, you can start typing «Command prompt» into the search bar on the taskbar, and then click the right mouse button on the found result and select «Run as Administrator».
  • Enter the command net accounts and press Enter. You will see the current status of the parameters that we will change in the following steps.
  • To set the number of password attempts enter net accounts /lockoutthreshold:N (where N is the number of passcode attempts before locking).
  • To set the time lock after reaching the number from item 3, type net accounts /lockoutduration:M (where M is time in minutes, and values less than 30 command generates an error, and the default is already set to 30 minutes).
  • Another team, where the time T is also indicated in minutes: net accounts /lockoutwindow:T sets a «window» between the discharges of the counter of incorrect entries (default is 30 minutes). Let’s say you set the lock after three unsuccessful attempts for 30 minutes. At the same time, if you do not select «window», then the lock will work even if the wrong password is entered three times with an interval between entries in a few hours. If the set lockoutwindow equal to, say, 40 minutes, two times to enter an incorrect password, after this time will again be three chances to enter.
  • When the settings are complete, you can again use the command net accounts to view the current status of your settings.
  • You can then close the command prompt and, if you want to see how well it works, having tried to enter several times a wrong password Windows 10.

    In the future, to disable the lock when Windows 10 failed password attempts, use the command net accounts /lockoutthreshold:0

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    Input block after a failed password entry in the local group policy editor

    The local group policy editor is only available in editions of Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise, so in Home to fulfill the following steps will not work.

  • Start the local group policy editor (press Win+R and type gpedit.msc).
  • Navigate to computer Configuration — Windows settings — security Settings — account Policies — lockout Policy account.
  • In the right part of the editor you will see three values that are listed on, double-clicking on each of them, you can configure settings for blocking sign in to your account.
  • The lockout threshold is the number of allowed password attempts.
  • Time to reset lockout counter — the time after which all attempts will be reset.
  • Duration account lockout — lock account login after reaching the lockout threshold.
  • Upon completion of the settings, close the local group policy editor — the changes are immediately in effect and the number of possible wrong password input will be limited.

    That’s about it. In any case, keep in mind that this kind of lock can be used against you — if some Joker will specifically several times to enter the wrong password, so you then waited for half an hour to log in to Windows 10.

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