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Not everyone knows, but on Android smartphones and tablets have the option of starting in safe mode (and those who know are usually faced with this accident and are looking for ways to remove safe mode). Is this mode, as in one popular desktop OS, for Troubleshooting and errors caused by applications.

In this tutorial — step by step on how to enable and disable safe mode in Android devices and how it can be used for Troubleshooting and error in the phone or tablet.

an Android device runs out quickly, the inability to run applications, etc.), then followed by to exit safe mode and alternately to disable or uninstall third-party applications to identify which is causing the problem.

Note: if third party applications are not deleted in normal mode then in safe mode problems with this should arise, because they are disabled.

If the problems that caused the need to start safe mode on Android remain in this mode, you can try:

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  • Clear cache and data of the problematic app (Settings — Apps — Select app — Store, there is to Clear cache and clear data. You should start with just clearing the cache without deleting the data).
  • Disable the applications that are causing errors (Settings — Apps — Select an app — Disable). It is impossible for all applications, but for those with whom it is possible to do is usually completely safe.

How to turn off safe mode on Android

One of the most frequent questions is associated with how to exit safe mode on Android devices (or remove the words «Safe mode»). This is due, as a rule, that the entrance to it is by chance if you turn your phone or tablet.

On almost all Android devices disabling safe mode is very simple:

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • When the window appears to «power Off» or «Disable», press it (if there is an item «Reboot», you can use it).
  • In some cases, the device immediately rebooted in normal mode, sometimes after turning off you have to enable it manually for it to start in normal mode.
  • Of the alternatives Android reboot to exit safe mode, I know only some — on some devices you need to press and hold the power button until after the dialog box appears, with options for off: 10-20-30 seconds until you are disconnected. After that, you will need to re-enable phone or tablet.

    Think it’s on safe mode Android. If you have additions or questions — leave them in the comments.

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