The installation of Windows 10 Creators Update (Update for designers)

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Microsoft has released the next big update to Windows 10 (updated for designers, Creators Update, the version 1703, the Assembly 15063) April 5, 2017, and automatically download updates through the update Center will begin on April 11. Now, if you want, you can install an updated version of Windows 10 in several ways, or wait until the automatic upgrade to 1703 (may take weeks).

In this article — information about upgrading to Windows 10 Update Creators in the context of installing the upgrade utility «upgrade Assistant» from the original ISO images and through the centre of the updates, not new features and functions.

Note: to install the update described methods need, so that you have a licensed version of Windows 10 (including the digital license, the product key, as before in this case not required). Also make sure that on the system partition of the disk was free space (about 20-30 GB).

recovery drive in Windows 10.

  • To create a backup installed drivers.
  • To create a backup of the Windows 10.
  • If possible, keep a copy of important data on external drives or non-system partition on the hard disk.
  • To remove third-party antivirus products prior to the completion of the upgrade (it happens that they’re causing problems with Internet connection and others if present in the system during the upgrade).
  • If possible, clean the disk from unnecessary files (space on the system partition will not be superfluous to refresh), and delete programs that have not use.
  • And another important point: note that installing the updates, especially on a slow laptop or computer can take hours (it can be as short as 3 hours or 8-10 in some cases)— no need to interrupt it by pressing the power button, and start if the laptop is not plugged in or you’re not ready to be without a computer for half a day. on the button «Update now».

    The process of installing Windows 10 Creators Update using the upgrade Assistant are as follows:

  • After running upgrade Advisor and search updates, you will see a message asking you to update your computer now.
  • The next step is to test the compatibility of your system with the update.
  • After that will have to wait until files will be downloaded Windows 10 version 1703.
  • When the download is complete you will be prompted to restart the computer (don’t forget to save your work before rebooting).
  • After reboot start the automatic upgrade process, which almost do not need your participation, with the exception of the final stage where you will choose user, and then configure the new privacy settings (I’m reading, shut off all).
  • After rebooting and entering the system some time will be executed the preparation of the updated Windows 10 to the first run, and then you will see a window thanking you for the update.
  • How was in fact (personal experience): installation Creators Update using upgrade assistant conducted on an experimental 5 year old laptop (i3, 4GB RAM, self-supplied SSD to 256 GB). The whole process took 2-2.5 hours (but then, I’m sure, played the role of the SSD on the HDD numbers can be multiplied twice or more). All drivers, including specific and system as a whole is working properly.

    After installation Creators Update if your computer or laptop everything is working properly (and rollback not required), you will be able to clear a significant amount of disk space using the disk cleanup utility, see How to remove the Windows folder.old, using the utility disk cleanup Windows in enhanced mode.

    Bootable flash drive Windows 10).

    How to download Windows 10 ISO Creators Update (version 1703, the Assembly 15063)

    In addition to the updates in upgrade assistant or via Windows update 10, you can download the original Windows 10 version 1703 Creators Update, and you can use the same methods as previously described here: How to download Windows 10 ISO from the official Microsoft website.

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    As of the evening of 5 April 2017:

    • When you load the ISO using media creation (Media Creation Tool) is automatically loaded version 1703.
    • When loading the second one of the methods described in the directions above, you can choose version between 1703 Creators Update and 1607 Anniversary Update.

    As before, a clean installation of the system on the same computer where you previously installed the license Windows 10, entering a product key is not required (click «I have no product key» during installation), activation will occur automatically after you connect to the Internet (already tested personally).

    In conclusion

    After the official release of Windows 10 Creators Update on coming review article on new features. Also, it is planned to gradually edit and update existing manuals to Windows 10 as some aspects of the system (the presence of controls, the settings, the setup interface and others) has changed.

    If any of the readers are persistent, and those who read to this paragraph and focus in my articles, I have to request that the noticing in some of my already published statements inconsistencies with how this is done in the latest update, please email the disparities in the review for a more rapid updating of the material.

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