Troubleshooting Windows 10

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In Windows 10 provides a significant number of tools for automatic Troubleshooting, many of which were already discussed in the instructions on this site in the context of solving specific problems with the system.

In this material — an overview of built-in features to troubleshoot problems with Windows 10 and the OS locations you can find them (because such places more than one). On the same topic can be useful article: Programs for automatic error correction Windows (including Troubleshooting tools from Microsoft).

Troubleshooting settings in Windows 10

Starting with Windows 10 version 1703 (Creators Update), start Troubleshooting is available not only in the control panel (which was also written later in the article), but also in the interface of system settings.

In this case, the Troubleshooter provided in the parameters are the same as in the control panel (i.e. duplicate them), but a more complete set of utilities available in the control panel.

To use the Troubleshooting Settings Windows 10 follow these steps:

  • Go to start — Settings (gear icon, or simply press Win+I) to Update and secure and in the list on the left select «Troubleshooting».
  • Choose the option that matches your issue with Windows 10 from the list and click «Run the Troubleshooter».
  • Follow the instructions specific to the tool (they can vary, but usually almost everything is done automatically.
  • Issues and bugs that have run the Troubleshooting options of Windows 10 include (by type of issue, in parentheses, provides separate detailed instructions on how to manually fix such problems):

    • Sound reproduction (a separate manual — Not working Windows sound 10)
    • An Internet connection (see Internet does Not work in Windows 10). If you cannot access the Internet, run the same Troubleshooting tools available in the «Settings» — «Network and Internet» — «» — «Troubleshooting).
    • The operation of the printer (printer fails in Windows 10)
    • Windows update (Not downloaded Windows updates 10)
    • Bluetooth (Bluetooth Not working on laptop)
    • Video playback
    • Power (Not charging the laptop, Windows 10 is not turned off)
    • Apps from the Windows 10 Store (applications will Not start Windows 10, Not downloaded apps Windows 10)
    • Blue screen
    • Elimination of compatibility issues (compatibility Mode on Windows 10)

    Separately, I note that if you have problems with the Internet and other malfunctions of the network settings for Windows 10, but in a different location you can use the tool to reset the network settings and settings for network adapters, read more about this How to reset network settings Windows 10.

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    Troubleshooting tools in the Windows control panel 10

    The second location of utilities for bug fixes in Windows 10 and the hardware control panel (where they are in previous versions of Windows).

  • Start typing «control Panel» into the search bar on the taskbar and open the required item when it will be.
  • In the control panel at the top right, under «View» select large icons or small icons, and open the item «Troubleshooting».
  • By default, does not display all of the Troubleshooter, if you want the full list — click «View all categories» in the left menu.
  • You will get access to all the available Troubleshooting tools Windows 10.
  • Using tools no different from their use in the first case (almost all corrective actions are performed automatically).

    Additional information

    The Troubleshooter is available for download on the Microsoft website in the form of separate utilities in the topics with a description of the problems or how Microsoft Easy Fix that you can download here

    Also, Microsoft released a separate program to fix issues with the Windows 10 and run programs in it — Software Repair Tool for Windows 10.

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