What magnesium B6, indications pregnant women and children, instruction and reviews

The lack of magnesium in the human body leads to several pathological conditions. Even serious problems with health sometimes are solved by supplementing this substance. Effective tool for addressing magnesium deficiency is the intake of Magne-B6. How and under what conditions to take this medicine? What about the side effects and contraindications it is important to know before beginning treatment drug Magne B6?

The role of magnesium in the human body

Magnesium is essential for bones, heart, muscles, liver and kidneys. The total amount of this element in the human body is approximately 25 g. the daily requirement for women and 300 mg for men and 350 mg. Pregnant and nursing mothers daily needs to get up to 925 mg (the dose for expectant mothers) and 1250 mg (dose for females during lactation) of magnesium. What is the role of this element in the body? Magnesium takes part in:

  • the synthesis of proteins;
  • the regulation of cellular growth;
  • remove harmful substances;
  • normal function of the nervous system;
  • the regulation of cholesterol levels;
  • prevention of kidney stones;
  • phosphorus metabolism;
  • maintaining normal operation of the heart muscle.

Release form of the drug Magne B6

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы For the treatment of magnesium deficiency doctors can prescribe Magne B6 tablets. They are sold Packed in 30 and 50. the Composition of Magne B6 tablets: 470 mg of magnesium lactate dihydrate (corresponds to 48 mg), 5 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride. If necessary, the doctor prescribes a solution of Magne B6. Vials contain 10 ml of the drug. The composition of the solution of Magne B6: 10 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride, 186 m sodium lactate dihydrate, 936 mg of magnesium pidolate (corresponding to 100 mg of magnesium).

Indications for the use of Magne-B6

Because magnesium is extremely necessary for normal work of all systems of the body, its deficiency affects almost all major organs. Often, Magne-B6, prescribed for painful conditions when other medications are not effective, or the causes of the disorders are not clear. How and what you drink magnesium B6? Consider under what pathologies of various body systems shown this drug:

  • The cardiovascular system needs magnesium for heart failure, high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, ischemia, tendency to thrombosis, pain in the heart.
  • Disorders of the nervous system associated with increased irritability, insomnia, depression, vascular dystonia, tics may be treated with the help of Magne-B6 .

During pregnancy

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы

When planning a pregnancy, doctors recommend to drink Magne-B6. This will help prevent and remove some of the problems to carry a baby and keep in good condition the nervous system of the mother. What magnesium B6 during pregnancy? Expectant mothers it is important to provide your body while carrying a child useful nutrients and substances. Magnesium is one of them. It is important for the proper and normal development of the fetus.

Nervous and other systems of the pregnant woman will not be able to function normally without an adequate supply of Mg in them. This item may be absorbed from magnesium-rich food. Expectant mothers need to include in the diet buckwheat, oatmeal, dried fruit, legumes. But the growth of the fetus the need for magnesium in pregnant women increases, so the doctor can prescribe her reception Mg B6.

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы

What is the impact on the fetus the use of mother Magne-B6? Studies of physicians have proved that no negative impact of this drug when used correctly brings. However, this does not mean that it is permitted for pregnant women to drink without a doctor’s prescription. Only a doctor after examination will be able, if necessary, to register the expectant mother magnesium to correct or prevent the deficit. The gynecologist can prescribe the drug Magne-B6:

  • when complaints of women to a high degree of irritability, constant mood swings, poor sleep, stress;
  • when the tone of the uterus to avoid miscarriage;
  • with a strong early toxicosis;
  • when the calf muscle cramps;
  • cramps and intestinal colic;
  • when fatigue;
  • when tingling and numbness of the limbs;
  • and malnutrition;
  • hair loss;
  • during intensive movement of the fetus in the last months of pregnancy because sometimes it indicates oxygen starvation of a fruit because of a lack of magnesium.


Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы

The child the doctor will prescribe a treatment Magne-B6 in marked deficiency of this element. Lack of magnesium in children is expressed in increased nervous excitability, insomnia, anxiety attacks, stress, muscle spasms, tachycardia. After replenishing the magnesium level in the body of children by their mothers have noticed that kids and Teens become more calm, attentive, and sleep better.

Instructions for use and dosage

Magne-B6 available in tablets and solution (ampoules). Children up to 6 years is credited with the preparation of the magnesium in liquid form. Even Magne-B6 produced in gel form in a tube. In this form of the drug given to children after 3 years after eating. To 5 years children are given 5 g of 1 times a day, children from 5 to 12 years – 10 g, and adolescents over 12 years: 15 g. Never start drinking magnesium without consulting with your doctor.

Tablet, coated

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы How and how much to take Magne B6? It is taken with food 2-3 times a day with 1 glass of water. Children over 12 and adults with severe magnesium deficiency drink 6-8 tablets. In this dosage form the drug the doctor prescribes to children 6 years of age who weigh 20 or more pounds. Pediatricians prescribe to children 4-6 tablets of magnesium a day. And how to take Magne B6 during pregnancy? Expectant mothers with a deficit of magnesium the drug is prescribed to drink 2 tablets three times a day, and to prevent a shortage of this element is 1 time per day 2 tablets.

The solution for the reception inside

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы To correct magnesium deficiency adults appoint 3-4 ampoules, and children with 1-3 ampoules per day. In each case, the doctor will establish an individual daily rate for the patient. One ampoule contains 10 mg of magnesium B6. The treatment lasts up to 1 month. To extract from the ampoule into a solution, it is not necessary to file them with a nail file, and it is only necessary to break off a sharp movement of its tip, pre-wrapped fabric. The duration of intake of magnesium is determined individually by a doctor.

Side effects and contraindications

Before taking Magne-B6 should be familiar with the existing contraindications and possible side effects of this drug. In moderate renal insufficiency, the intake of magnesium may trigger the development of gipermagniemii. When negative reaction of Magne-B6 need to stop drinking and to go to the doctor for advice about this. Side effects of the drug include:

  • skin and other allergies;
  • nausea;
  • flatulence;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • vomiting;
  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • paresthesia;
  • peripheral neuropathy.

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы

While taking the drug while breastfeeding should be aware that magnesium when feeding goes into the baby’s body with mother’s milk. If a person has a shortage of calcium and magnesium, first eliminate the shortage of Mg, and then Ca. The medicine is composed of sucrose, so diabetics before you start treatment with this medicine, consult your doctor. Magne-B6 is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • age up to 6 years (pills), up to 1 year (for acceptance of the solution);
  • severe renal failure;
  • phenylketonuria;
  • hypersensitivity to magnesium B6;
  • syndrome of impaired absorption of glucose;
  • fructose intolerance;
  • concurrent use of levodopa;
  • the deficit in sucrose-isomaltose;

Overdose of magnesium B6 does not cause any toxic reactions in normal operation, the kidneys. However, the risk of poisoning by the drug is in people with renal insufficiency. In this case, can manifest the following symptoms: vomiting, low blood pressure, depression, coma, respiratory depression, cardiac arrest. When you overdose on shown rehydration (fluid replacement in the body), and in the presence of renal failure – hemodialysis (blood purification using the apparatus «artificial kidney»).

The approximate cost of the drug

Price drugs magnesium B6 depends on the manufacturer. If the drug is of foreign manufacture, its price is higher than its counterpart from the Russian manufacturers. In pharmacies the price of medicine may vary due to the fact that they have different drug suppliers. For example, Magne-B6 pills is 818 rubles for 50 pieces, in ampoules – 395 rubles for 10 amp. 10 ml.

{img 4 = Analogue Magne-V6 – Magnelis B6}

Generic drug Magne-B6

Для чего нужен магний в6, показания к применению беременным и детям, инструкция и отзывы

How can I replace the treatment of Magne-B6? International name of the drug – drug Comb. Under this name was and other drugs, are analogues of this medication. Russian substitute Magne-B6 is Magnelis B6. Pharmacies sell analogs of this drug: Hungarian Beres plus, Polish Magnetar and Magwit B6, Ukrainian MINICOM. Substitutes Magne-B6 have a different price, so buyers have a choice.


Devin, 25 years: During pregnancy, my gynecologist prescribed me in the first trimester to drink Manga-B6. He explained that this medicine will help prevent many diseases. I cut it about a month in parallel with the vitamin E and folic acid. Side effects during prophylaxis with this drug I have almost not been observed. I noticed that after the use of Magne-B6 my nerves were stronger.

Alla, 35 years: once said that my heart is beating very fast. Went to the doctor. He was advised to drink Magne-B6 2 tablets a day for 3 months. A short time after beginning treatment with this drug noticed that the heart function returned to normal. Of the side effects from the treatment of Magne-B6 in my first days of admission was abdominal pain.

Ekaterina, 30 years: In the last months before the birth of my nights started cramping calf muscles. After the consultation with the gynecologist began to drink Magne-B6 on the advice of a doctor. After 10 days of taking the drug felt much better, and after a few days of cramps completely disappeared. Magne-B6 benefited my health. He literally saved me from a night of pain. No «side effects» during treatment, Magne-B6, I was not.

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