Crafts on the theme of Space with their hands: ideas and step by step instructions

You can make more variety and interesting moments in the usual everyday life of the children, if you learn a new activity. It is only necessary to captivate your baby. One educational and very original activities is making crafts with their hands.

What crafts can be done on the day of cosmonautics with the kids

Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

What materials and ideas are used to make crafts on the theme of Space with their hands. The product space can be made of cardboard, CDs, boxes, salt dough, plastic bottles, candy wrappers, clay and other things found at home. To make beautiful kids crafts for day of Cosmonautics, it is only necessary to tell the child how to do it.

Of the disks

Original and unusual and will look to craft «Flying saucer», made from drive. As the cab for the aliens will serve as a half from Kinder surprise. Plastic egg can be used partially, so it will be much easier to fix on the plate. Don’t forget to paint the flying saucer with the baby or to stick on top of the DIY stars, toy eyes and other items as desired.

From clay

To make suitable for exhibition in a kindergarten or school astronaut, you must have clay favorite colors and imagination. Here’s one way how to make crafts in the form of an astronaut with his own hands:

  • Roll a ball of clay red in color – this will be the helmet.
  • Turn blue plasticine sausage, and turn it into a spring. Make a few spirals that will become arms and legs of the hero of the DIY astronaut.
  • Yellow or white clay formed by the porthole of the helmet, draw the face.
  • Attached to the spacesuit gloves, and shoes, cobbled together out of the red.
  • Cut a few small strips of red tone, sculpt equipment for the astronaut and attach it to the suit.
  • There is another option of making plasticine crafts on the theme of Space:

  • Roll two balls – this will be the head and body crafts.
  • Formed ten small balls and six a little larger, a little – serve with handles, large, legs.
  • Replusive a piece of orange clay and attach to the body of the craft. Pad mounted three multi-colored ball – get to the control panel of the astronaut.
  • Mold white Crayola window, akantovye thin strip of red.
  • Take the black clay, make headphones and attach it on the helmet.
  • Find out more ideas for what you can make from clay.

    Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

    Salt dough

    Cosmonautics day in kindergarten can bring original artwork in the form of funny aliens. To make the work of your hands, take it:

    • colored salt dough;
    • toy stars, buttons and eyes;
    • wire;
    • stacks.

    Aliens can mold different shapes and sizes, some just want your baby. From the wires make the antenna, after which the alien will succeed without them? Little eyes glued on the creature from another planet, decorate crafts with buttons or stars. If the child does not think the way of the future the stranger, tell him, having made an example of. Decorate alien can be, like anything, all depends on the imagination of the crumbs and ideas crafts.

    Of paper or paperboard

    Rocket is one of the most popular crafts on the theme of Space with their hands. To make it in the technique of quilling, you will need corrugated strips, eggs from Kinder surprise, PVA glue. The process of making crafts with children out of paper is as follows:

  • Half eggs use as a template for circles.
  • Of the strips on the top of the rocket, the wings, the base and the window.
  • In the middle of the rocket inserted the egg from kinder, combine all the details of the crafts into a single whole.
  • Crafts from plastic bottle

    To make your own space rocket, soaring up, we need:

    • empty plastic bottle;
    • cardboard;
    • the pump, which pressurizes the balls;
    • tape;
    • water.

    Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

    The main purpose of crafts for toddlers is that it is running in a spectacular flight. The rocket will fall apart into small pieces, so too much detail is not necessary. Follow these instructions:

  • We need to cut the cardboard top of DIY in the form of a cone and 3 blades rocket.
  • All the elements need to tape your to capacity.
  • After finishing the previous steps, insert the pump needle into the stopper. The hole should match the diameter of the needle, otherwise the water will flow out of missiles. If they do not match, the water can be poured even before the launch.
  • It is time to operate the pump and observe the elegant flight of the rocket!
  • Step-by-step instructions for making crafts on the theme «Space»

    Cosmonautics day is a great opportunity to tell kids about the vastness of space and make crafts with their hands on the theme of Space. To create original work will help any improvised materials. Much easier to do any crafts, with step by step instructions in front of you. Use the guide below, which describes in detail the steps on how to glue or dazzle popular attributes for the holiday.

    How to make a flying saucer

    Hand-made UFOs will bring little delight. To make the garland you will need a plastic bottle with a disposable plate. Let’s get to action:

  • Scissors or a box cutter to carefully remove the bottom part of the bottle.
  • Cut off the top part, cut off the neck.
  • The bottom of the bottle put it on a plate, draw a circle with a marker.
  • Cut out the circle, departing from the boundaries drawn. Make the incisions.
  • The upper part of the bottle inserted in the resulting hole. It will be fixed through the incisions.
  • Tape all fixed, get a cabin crafts.
  • From the bottom plug the bottom of the bottle, fix.
  • Attach the bottom part of the bottle to the paper or shiny cardboard, trace and cut out the circle. Inserted into the hole of the plate.
  • Trim with scissors the edge of the plate so that they coincide with the edges of the cardboard.
  • Put the tip of the bottle to the middle.
  • Inside of a flying saucer shrink plasticine alien, the protagonist of the crafts.
  • Using soda, vinegar and citric acid can make a real acid rain or a volcano! To do this in a container put a small amount of soda, dilute vinegar with water, gradually adding vinegar or citric acid to the soda. Get sight!
  • Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

    Rocket from a plastic bottle

    To do crafts on the theme of Space with their hands very interesting. Make child original the rocket in the presence of:

    • white acrylic paint;
    • plastic rectangular bottle;
    • three lids with different colors and size;
    • two tubes of cardboard;
    • cardboard orange, red, yellow;
    • pens and pencils;
    • scissors;
    • hot glue.

    Step by step crafts master:

  • Pour a bottle of white paint. Shake well to paint evenly painted the entire inner surface. Less time consuming it will be, if you just take the white bottle.
  • Tube coloring in the desired color or decorate the picture. From colored cardboard we do flames, glue them to the inside of the hull. The flame is nicely developed, you can even cut it from the newspaper. Nozzle with a flame attached to the bottle using hot glue.
  • Colorful plastic cover will serve as portholes. Attach them to the front of the rocket of the future a glue gun.
  • Cut out two cardboard triangle, coloring with markers, glue on both sides.
  • A plastic Cup attached to the bottom of the rocket. It will serve as another nozzle and a secure base for the rocket.
  • After the glue has dried the item is completed we will only have to come up with the name.
  • Planets of the solar system from clay

    Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

    Cosmonautics day is better to do crafts on the theme of Space with their hands. This will help the child learn new things and fun to spend time with mom or dad. To sculpt the planets of the solar system to mold easily when there is a step-by-step manual at hand:

  • Take a dense sheet and the colored clay to create unusual compositions.
  • The sun is the Central object crafts, he begin to sculpt. For this mix of yellow, orange, white colors so that you can distinguish them, do not need to do a single color.
  • The compound is sticking in the center of the leaf, spreads her fingers in a circle.
  • To obtain the orbits of the planets for DIY, roll out a thin thread of white or beige clay.
  • Create around the Sun nine rings.
  • Mercury is the smallest planet. Roll it into a ball by mixing small pieces of grey, brown and white colors. A toothpick pushed through the craters.
  • Venus do more than three times from black, brown and gray. The terrain of the planet are asking the wire.
  • Earth is the brightest planet in the Solar system and DIY. It is created from green, blue and yellow clay.
  • Mysterious Mars obtained by mixing orange and black.
  • For large Jupiter will need beige, brown and orange stripes.
  • Formed Saturn, around its axis attachable ring.
  • Uranus with the ring sculpt of blue hues.
  • Neptune looks like a normal ball of blue clay.
  • Little Pluto is obtained from gray and white.
  • When you are finished, put the planets in order and attach to orbits where they should be located. The process of sculpting DIY you can make it even more creative if you draw on a sheet of Lunokhod or a comet.
  • How to make a robot from scrap materials

    One of the simple but unusual options is the robot from the plastic lids. Method of Assembly of such original products is simple:

  • Between the covers of threaded rods of metal, so the robot will be moving.
  • Crafts can be and bonding with a glue gun.
  • Placing vertically a few covers, get the wheels on which the space character will move.
  • Learn kakapotahi of coffee beans you can do with your hands.

    Video tutorials on creating crafts on the theme of Space for children

    At all times great interest in babies cause spaceships and stars. They can be easily implemented, with detailed video instruction. After watching a few videos below, you will be able to make beautiful and original crafts on the theme of Space for kindergarten. Classes will cause the baby positive emotions and contribute to the development of his imagination, of thinking, learn to concentrate.

    Master-class on making 3D postcards of paper

    Rocket origami

    Volumetric space ship Shuttle

    The layout of the Solar system crafts for kids kindergarten

    Photoidea interesting crafts on the theme of Space

    Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

    Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

    Поделки на тему Космос своими руками: идеи и пошаговые инструкции

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