Caesar salad with chicken — a classic and simple salad recipes step by step with photos at home

His appearance famous salad must «dry law» and the chef-Italian Cardini. The location of the restaurant gave the opportunity to sell alcohol legally, and Hollywood stars at the festival had something to treat. So back in 1924 there was the legendary salad with a unique sauce.

How to prepare Caesar salad with chicken

What was at hand, the cook? Cheese, bread, eggs, lettuce, and dressings – Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, garlic. Ease, novelty, taste snacks captivated famous guests no less than the speed of his pitch. Over time, the basic recipe repeatedly subjected to «improvement», so not surprising the preparation of Caesar salad with chicken, shrimp, herring, mushrooms, pineapple, corn.

If the basis is meat birds, then a suitable part of the bird’s carcass will be the breast, or fillet. A perfect complement to boiled meat is considered to be Parmesan cheese, toasted croutons of white bread without crust, garlic, eggs, cherry. Important caveat – dressing that includes mustard, sweet and sour sauce, olive oil and egg yolk.

Chicken Caesar

Not to spoil the taste of ready meals, you need to properly prepare the ingredients. Even the sauce, tomatoes, croutons, avocado will not save a dish if the meat will be tough. How to cook a chicken Caesar salad? Take the breast fillets is an important condition, because they are low in fat and they are not as rigid as legs. Meat Caesar salad with chicken need to soak in the yogurt, soy sauce, honey marinade, wait an hour and a half, then fry in one piece in a hot pan, then the crust will keep the juice inside.

Цезарь с курицей - классический и простые рецепты салата пошагово с фото в домашних условиях

Caesar salad with chicken – recipe with photos

Convenient option to cook it quickly – in detail to trace the process, avoiding unpleasant surprises. This will help step-by-step descriptions with color photos . Variants of traditional dishes are numerous, but how to cook a delicious Caesar salad with chicken, nothing to be missed, beautifully presented to the table? This process will not cause much trouble if you follow the recipes with photos from professionals or fans of home cooking.

Recipe 1 – Caesar Salad with chicken classic

Conventional starter diet composition. How to prepare Caesar salad with chicken, so the calorie content of meals get the minimum? To add to the poultry meat only roasted croutons of white bread without crust, Italian cheese «Parmesan». Recipe Caesar with chicken classic, and separately we mix the sweet and sour sauce, egg yolk, olive oil, lemon juice. Dressing for Caesar with chicken gives the finished dish a new flavour, helping to diversify it without changing composition.


  • fillet – 300 g;
  • garlic – 2 cloves;
  • lettuce – 1 bunch;
  • hard cheese – 100 g;
  • cherry tomatoes – 8 PCs.;
  • lemon – half of 1 fetus;
  • olive oil – 50 ml;
  • yolk – 1 PC.;
  • mustard – 1 tsp.;
  • spices – to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Fillets can be boiled or marinated in one piece, then fry with the spices in the pan. Before that poultry should wash, dry with paper towels.
  • Easy dressing for easy meals should be thoroughly mixed until a uniform mass, combining olive oil, egg yolk, lemon juice, mustard, spices.
  • Cheese grate, tomatoes cut in half, fillet cut into cubes.
  • On dried lettuce leaves place two layers of ingredients on top sprinkled with grated cheese and pouring the sauce, but do not stir.
  • Цезарь с курицей - классический и простые рецепты салата пошагово с фото в домашних условиях

    Recipe 2 – Caesar Salad with chicken and croutons

    The classic way to make a satisfying but light snack is the basis for culinary experiments. To discover new tastes of familiar food will help the recipe for Caesar salad with chicken and croutons. The combination of tender meat, poultry, yellow cheese, tomatoes and crispy bread is incredibly seductive. It is not necessary to think over how to prepare Caesar salad with chicken or seen photos – it’s time to take action.


    • a fillet or breast – 250 g;
    • loaf (baguette) – 50 g;
    • garlic – 2 cloves;
    • hard cheese – 100 g;
    • lettuce – 4-6 pieces;
    • cherry tomatoes – 6 PCs.;
    • mustard – 1 teaspoon;
    • mayonnaise – 2 tbsp. spoon;
    • vinegar – 0, 5 tsp;
    • spices – to taste

    Method of preparation:

  • To make the snack for the Caesar salad with chicken tender and tasty, the meat should be soaked for one hour in the honey marinade (2 tsp. honey, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, salt). Then one piece to fry in the pan, then cut into slices.
  • The loaf (baguette) to remove the crusts, cut into cubes, lightly fry with garlic, and then dry in the oven.
  • Take a flat bowl, spread the ingredients in layers, add the cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters and on the top a layer of grated cheese. Pour Caesar salad with chicken sauce and the final touch – sprinkle the salad with toasted croutons.
  • Цезарь с курицей - классический и простые рецепты салата пошагово с фото в домашних условиях

    Recipe 3 – Caesar Salad with smoked chicken

    Have spicy variations of the famous dishes a distinctive taste. If you want to make an original appetizer for a romantic dinner or cook something hearty for brunch, Caesar salad with smoked chicken is perfect. Light smoke aroma will awaken your appetite and a flawless, beautiful, easy to make a snack of tomatoes and olives.


    • smoked meat – 400 g;
    • baton – 1 PC.;
    • cherry – 3 PCs.;
    • cheese – 150 g;
    • lettuce – 1 bunch;
    • olives – 6-8 pieces;
    • olive oil – 1 tbsp. spoon;
    • mayonnaise – 3 tbsp. spoons;
    • mustard – 0.5 teaspoon;
    • garlic – 2 cloves;
    • dill – 1 bunch.

    Method of preparation:

  • Garlic cloves, dill chop, stir and fry together with the bread cubes in the pan.
  • On a coarse grater grate the cheese, meat cut into thin slices, and cherry tomatoes, olives cut in half.
  • Chopped lettuce and season with a sauce prepared from a mixture of olive oil, mayonnaise, mustard.
  • Further layers, place the tomatoes, grated cheese, olives, croutons, and cover it with the slices of smoked meat.
  • Цезарь с курицей - классический и простые рецепты салата пошагово с фото в домашних условиях

    Recipe 4 – Caesar salad with Chinese cabbage and chicken

    Delicious home-cooked meals for lunch or dinner help to diversify the daily menu. To make a Caesar salad with Kale and chicken, not have to spend a lot of time but the finished dish looks appetizing and not get bored. The advantage of the famous snacks is the ease, and all the products part, available all year round. To give a different flavour helps a combination of soft flavor Chinese cabbage, savory garlic and Italian herbs.


    • Beijing (Chinese) cabbage – 400 g;
    • fillet – 300 g;
    • hard cheese (Parmesan, Cheddar) – 150 g;
    • croutons of white bread – 50 g;
    • garlic – 2 cloves;
    • mustard – 0.5 teaspoon;
    • olive oil – 2 tbsp. spoon;
    • yolk – 1 PC.;
    • Italian herbs – 2 pinches;
    • salt – to taste.

    Method of preparation:

  • Meat dry, RUB a mixture of salt with Italian herbs and garlic. Leave to marinate for half an hour.
  • Fresh cabbage Chinese cabbage to separate the leaves that you want to break it into small pieces.
  • Fry fillets, cut into cubes.
  • In a bowl, and the bottom layer is to spread the leaves of the Beijing cabbage, pour the sauce, which is prepared by mixing the mustard, egg yolk, olive oil. Then the rest of the ingredients, grated cheese, add croutons.
  • Цезарь с курицей - классический и простые рецепты салата пошагово с фото в домашних условиях

    Recipe 5 – dressing for Caesar with chicken

    Almost half of his popularity easy dish owes to the gas station. The secret to a successful recipe is not only the right choice, proportions, cutting the ingredients for the basics, but the cooking of the sauce to the Caesar salad with chicken. From the classical composition variations of gas stations may differ considerably, because the recipe involves the use of some of the sour cream, mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice or lime. Homogeneity of the sauce can break the anchovies, mustard seeds or black pepper is all a matter of taste.


    • mayonnaise – 4 tablespoons;
    • lemon juice – 2 tbsp. spoon;
    • olive oil – 0, 5 cups;
    • sweet and sour sauce – 1 tsp.;
    • garlic – 3 cloves;
    • ground black pepper, salt – to taste.

    Method of preparation:

  • For a simple homemade version of the filling crush the garlic with a knife or a special device.
  • Using a blender, carefully mix the mayonnaise, sweet and sour sauce, lemon juice, pepper.
  • Season with salt, add garlic, carefully whisk again until smooth.
  • Цезарь с курицей - классический и простые рецепты салата пошагово с фото в домашних условиях

    Delicious Caesar salad with chicken – the secrets of salads

    There are over a dozen variants of the legendary dishes where the main ingredient acts as poultry. A simple recipe for a delicious Caesar salad with chicken is boiled or smoked meat, ingredients, lined with layers or mixed. It is artistically embellished or home option. Unchanged criteria, influencing the quality and feeling, remain crisp croutons of white bread with spices, grated cheese and the famous sauce.

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