Cheese casserole in the oven — a simple step-by-step recipes with photos

Desserts, prepared on the basis of cheese or even just to add, always turn out amazingly delicious. Is no exception, and cheese casserole. This delicacy is quite popular for many years. All you need to know how to do it.

How to cook cottage cheese casserole

The dessert is prepared in an extremely simple and turns out amazing taste. For some mothers the only way to feed your baby cottage cheese to make it a casserole. The dish is often prepared kids in kindergartens. Before making a casserole of cheese in the oven, it is very important to correctly choose the main component of the recipe. This largely depends on the taste treats.

The preparation of food for cooking

The most important thing is to choose a good cheese. He should be average or high fat, otherwise the pastry will turn soggy. To the cake was lush and uniform, the cheese must grind through a sieve. Also you can stir the batter with a mixer or blender, it too will have a positive impact on the structure of baking. Advice to those who do not know how to cook a casserole:

  • The correct sequence of mixing: first whisk the sugar and eggs, then gradually add the cheese. In last turn put the semolina or the flour additives.
  • Do not enter into the dough too many eggs, otherwise it will be overly tight. Usually one thing placed on 250 g of cottage cheese.
  • In the dough add more flour or semolina. The last one is about 1 tablespoon per 0.25 kg of cheese. You can add semolina and flour in equal proportions.
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    Casserole recipe with cheese in the oven

    There are many ways of cooking, and each is good in its own right. You can bake a casserole with flour or semolina, add to the dough fruit and nuts. There are options of savoury baking recipes, e.g. cheese and ham. Make a casserole with apples, bananas, pears and even savory vegetables: pumpkin, carrots. Definitely try to bake this dessert several times for various step-by-step recipes to understand which one will appeal to you and your family the most.

    Cottage cheese casserole with semolina

    If you will be cooking like pastries first, then try to start with this recipe. You will be surprised how soft and airy it turns out a quick and simple cheesecake in the oven with semolina. Especially good if rump you pre-steamed with a little water. This will not only improve the taste but also will give the dough more smooth. Prepare such a delicacy is really delicious.


    • cheese – 550 g;
    • raisins – one-third Cup;
    • eggs – 2 PCs.;
    • salt – a pinch;
    • sour cream – 100 ml;
    • sugar – 3 tbsp;
    • semolina – 4 tablespoons

    Method of preparation:

  • Whisk the eggs with salt, gradually add sugar.
  • Semolina and raisins in different bowls pour a small amount of hot water.
  • Gradually enter into the egg mixture grated cheese. Add sour cream, raisins, semolina.
  • Thoroughly mix the dough, move it to a greased form.
  • About 40 minutes the cake should be bake in the oven. The latter must be heated to a temperature of 180 degrees in advance.
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    Cheesecake as in the garden

    The taste of this delicacy most people are familiar with early childhood. You can easily remember it if you learn how to make cheesecake, as in kindergarten. It is very delicate, lush. In addition to great taste it has another very important advantage: baking useful, including children. Be sure to bake it for themselves and their babies.


    • cottage cheese – 250 g (preferably wet);
    • egg – 1 PC.;
    • sugar – 50 g;
    • vanilla – half a sachet;
    • flour – 50 g;
    • milk – 50 ml;
    • butter – 25 g.

    Method of preparation:

  • Whisk the eggs with the sugar and enter into the mass of butter, melted and mixed with milk. Put the vanilla. Mix well all the components, but it is better to whip them with a mixer.
  • Add small portions of cheese. Beat don’t stop.
  • Gently pour the flour, to avoid the lumps.
  • Turn the oven to heat up to 180 degrees. Meanwhile, spoon the batter into the form.
  • Pie must be baked in the oven about 40 minutes.
  • Serve the dessert warm with sour cream or condensed milk.
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    Творожная запеканка в духовке - простые пошаговые рецепты приготовления с фото

    Dietary curd casserole

    Girl watching her figure, too, will not be deprived of the pleasure to eat dessert. If you hit them, you have to figure out how to prepare dietary curd casserole in the oven. The calorie content is minimal, and the taste and aroma is amazing. Diet casserole – a great way for those seeking to lose weight a sweet tooth.


    • low-fat cottage cheese – 360 g;
    • oat bran – 2 tbsp;
    • Apple – 1 large;
    • honey – 1 tbsp;
    • natural yoghurt – 2 tbsp;
    • eggs – 2 PCs.

    Method of preparation:

  • Thoroughly mash the cottage cheese with oatmeal.
  • Peel and mince the Apple. Add fruit and honey to the dough, beat the eggs, carefully stir.
  • The resulting mass is put in shape, the top and spread with yogurt.
  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees and bake the dessert for about 15-20 minutes.
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    Curd casserole

    Prepared according to the following recipe baking is very luxurious and melts in your mouth. Delicate cheesecake rises a bit in the manufacturing process. She is very sweet, so like kids. To serve it you can garnish with fresh berries, fruit, chocolate chips. Airy dessert is the perfect complement to the table during tea.


    • cheese – 0.25 kg;
    • salt – a pinch;
    • yogurt or sour cream – 50 ml;
    • vanilla – pinch;
    • egg – 1 PC.;
    • soda – 0.5 CH. l.;
    • butter – 50 g;
    • semolina – 135 g

    Method of preparation:

  • Semolina dilute a small amount of water.
  • Melt the butter. Whisk together the yogurt, egg. Add salt, vanilla and soda.
  • Begin to gradually introduce the cheese. First mix with a fork or spoon and then a mixer.
  • Add semolina in the dough, which by this time swell. Leave for about a quarter of an hour.
  • Move the dough into the pan and place in a cold oven. Select it with the mode 180 degrees and bake 35-40 minutes.
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    Curd pudding with raisins

    Delicious dessert, nutritious and good for health. This casserole of cheese with raisins is dried apricots, which increases the amount of vitamins and minerals. The taste of the dessert will appeal to even the kids, who are hard to force to eat dairy products and dried fruits. Cook it and you will be satisfied with the result.


    • cheese (not too fatty) – 0.25 kg;
    • salt – a pinch;
    • sugar – 25-35 g;
    • dried apricots – 50 g;
    • egg – 1 PC.;
    • baking powder – a pinch;
    • raisins – 30 g

    Method of preparation:

  • Pour the raisins with warm water.
  • Separate the white from the yolk. Grind curd. Mix with the yolk.
  • In a separate container carefully whisk the whites with a pinch of salt. You should get a firm foam.
  • Add the cheese swollen raisins.
  • Dried apricots, cut finely, put in the dough. Mix.
  • Carefully in small portions add protein foam.
  • Move the dough into shape, covered with baking paper.
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Bake it dessert half an hour.
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    Classic cheese pie recipe in the oven

    Here is the easiest and time-tested products. A classic casserole of cheese in the oven turns moderately sweet. It looks very appetizing, as you can see, if you look at the photo. Serve it with fruits, nuts, berries. Very well complement the taste sour, sweet and sour sauces made at home. This delicacy is required to do at least sometimes.


    • cheese – 0.2 kg;
    • sugar, 35-40 g;
    • semolina – 1 tbsp;
    • vanilla – pinch;
    • egg – 1 PC.;
    • sour cream – 30 ml.

    Method of preparation:

  • Beat the egg with the sugar until dissolved grains. Add the grated cheese.
  • Mix well this mixture, adding cream, and is better whisk all the mixer.
  • Stir in the vanilla and semolina. Again carefully mix.
  • The baking pan sprinkle semolina, pour it dough.
  • Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and bake her a pie for 45-50 minutes. Serve the dessert hot.
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    Cottage cheese pie with apples in the oven

    The added fruit gives the dish a very special taste and aroma. You can easily see for yourself, if you make cottage cheese and Apple casserole in the oven. It turns out tender, sweet, and the photo looks amazing. The combination of dough with apples really like both adults and kids. Prepare this delicacy for their close necessarily.


    • cheese – 0.25 kg;
    • cinnamon – 1 tsp.;
    • sugar – 50 g;
    • vanilla – pinch;
    • natural yogurt – 1 tbsp;
    • egg – 1 PC.;
    • Apple – 1 large;
    • soda – a pinch.

    Method of preparation:

  • Cut from washed Apple peel, remove seeds, cut into small cubes before cooking.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon and a pinch of sugar.
  • Grind curd. Whisk the egg with the remaining sugar. Stir in cheese, add soda. If you have a blender or mixer, beat the dough with them. Stir in the yogurt.
  • Sprinkle the form with semolina. Put in it the dough, spread on top of the Apple slices mixed with cinnamon.
  • Bake at 200 degrees for half an hour.
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    Delicious cheesecake – cooking secrets

    To improve the dish, when cooking use the following tips:

  • If you’re adding dried fruit, first soak them. Otherwise they can be too hard.
  • Fresh fruits before adding them to the baking needs to be fried in a skillet. They would make extra juice and the cake will not be too humid.
  • If you want to have got a delicious casserole of cheese in the oven, then do not put her whole eggs. Beat whites with salt separately to a thick foam. Grind the yolks with cottage cheese. Then connect these mixtures.
  • Don’t do much high pie that it is well cooked. Form necessarily promazyvat oil, sprinkle with semolina.
  • If you get too much liquid cheese, add to the dough a little starch. If you do not, baking can be spread on a plate. Dry cottage cheese – also not the best option, because of him, the dough may be crumbly.
  • If you add the semolina, be sure to soak it in water before to cook a casserole of cheese in the oven. The longer it last the better.
  • With the addition of flour the pie becomes calorie. If you want to avoid this, replace all of it or at least half of the semolina.
  • It is best to do cakes in split forms.
  • If you are preparing the dish with semolina, then don’t put soda. Otherwise, the dessert will fall right after you open the oven door. Better put baking powder.
  • Add to the dough whipped cream will add extra tenderness.
  • Before serving, decorate your cakes with powdered sugar and berries. It looks very nice and appetizing even in the photo.
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