Rowan bead — master class for beginners with step-by-step photo and description with the video

Have you ever wanted to create a forgery with their own hands? To make a small tree such as Rowan, with the help of beadwork is a fascinating process. Weave beaded trees are not limited to the strict instructions, you can always fantasize, to add something of their own.

Features beadwork

If this is the first experience of creation of small crafts with their hands, it is best to refer to the video instructions. To use beads bigger is better, because you have no skill, which is required for fine filigree work. The material has various colors that will allow you to realize your dreams, in addition, for beginners available budget collection of beads, which is also important. Scheme of the different ideas you can find on Internet sites or when more experience, and hand-Packed, think of yourself.

How to make Rowan from beads with their hands

Rowan beaded – a simple decoration that will be a great gift. To create you will need the following items:

  • beads of different sizes;
  • dense thread;
  • wire;
  • decorative stand.

Let’s start:

  • For each piece you need to build nine small parts. Should start with creating small parts. Each leaf will be built on five rows. For the first and the last row is used only one green bead, and a Central two.
  • Nine of the resulting parts need to connect in a sheet. For this it is necessary to twist at the base of three small parts, and then join him again the rest of the elements in pairs.
  • Repeat the above 14 times. The leaves are beaded finish.
  • It’s time for grapes. I need to take the wire, measuring the length is 65 cm, then retreat ten cm from the edge, attach the first bead. To consolidate then it is necessary to twist the ends.
  • Through two centimeters of string the next bead, then re-tighten. In this way it is necessary to put ten beads.
  • All beads-berries must be cranked.
  • Repeat steps 4-6 to get the same three clusters.
  • Of them then collect the brush. To do this, put them one on another, then the joint twist.
  • To perform seven red grapes.
  • Made details need to wrap the thread for the formation of the branches of our tree.
  • To connect bunches and leaves, carefully twisting their base.
  • Making a small indent, you must attach another bunch of leaves.
  • Collect seven of these branches. At the base of each of the details you need to add a beautiful winding thread.
  • To take part of the wire, which will be the trunk, attach gradually twigs to it.
  • Each mounting point should be closed by means of threads.
  • To perform stand: you can use clay or plaster, then «plant» there are the tree.
  • Рябина из бисера - мастер-класс для начинающих с пошаговыми фото и описанием с видео

    Berries bead

    Trees from beads with their hands is going gradually. Any hack of small beads reminiscent of origami: it is necessary to repeat the same actions. First, you need to string beads onto the wire, then twist it. Wearing so ten beads, then they should be joined together to create a kind bundles. They are going in bunches. Such clusters need to weave 10-11 pieces.


    The next step will be to create leaves with green beads. The technique of parallel weaving. On the first row strung one bead, then two, and the last the number one again. All series should be seven pieces. Then these parts are joined into a single familiar from childhood with the leaf. Combine first three elements, base all twisted, and then attached the remaining pairs.

    Рябина из бисера - мастер-класс для начинающих с пошаговыми фото и описанием с видео

    Rowan branch

    The penultimate stage – branching trees. You must take the sheet with him one bunch. They impose on each other, rewind Foundation. Then put the next sheet and again attach it, and then take a bunch. The final step is to repeat again, ending with a leaf. Should be a neat twig. In order to hide the wire, you can use the brown thread.

    Building the tree

    The finish of the formation of the barrel. Thick wire will be the basis of the future tree. It is necessary to wind down from the top branches. Don’t stop on the standard arrangement of branches and berries, you can experiment and try to bend the branches in different direction and assess how it looks. Finding the perfect angle, to consolidate this position by means of threads.Rowan beaded ready!

    Find out more ideas how to create the decoration of beads with their hands.

    Рябина из бисера - мастер-класс для начинающих с пошаговыми фото и описанием с видео

    Video tutorials on weaving Rowan beaded

    For beginners, this netting is not suitable complex statements, so better to turn to video tutorials for making cute DIY. Masters of their craft will tell you how things should be done, what size of wire to measure how much to take beads. By what techniques to analyze the effect of winter or an autumn tree and how to create the best of its kind?

    See also step-by-step photos and video tutorials the beading for the most beginners.

    Step-by-step master class for beginners

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