Where to begin spring work in the vegetable gardens and gardens

When the plots starts to go snow, most gardeners immediately begin to carry out preparatory work for the season. A vegetable garden requires year-round care. Even those lovers of the garden, who can only on weekends to visit beloved Hacienda, can plan in advance, the minimum required work, so no minute is wasted. Then to a new planting season as much as possible to prepare the vegetable garden.

С чего начинать весной работу в огородах и садах

Spring work in the gardens

For a start not hurt to check how protected from bright sunlight your trees and shrubs. In the winter-spring period it is necessary to provide plants with good cover – this will help keep the bark healthy. To this end, the trunks wrapped in nonwovens, shrub-covered fir paws. Remove the covering material is approximately in the middle of spring, waiting for the snow and the cessation of extreme temperatures.

Spring work in the gardens be sure to include pruning, trimming of shrubs. These activities are recommended to perform before the swell of the buds of the trees and begin the movement of juice under the bark.

How to start work in the garden

The primary work in the garden often start here, with flower beds and ridges and remove the accumulated debris. Upon detection of larvae and insects, you need to remove them – this will help to reduce the number of pests that will soon appear on the ridges.

Running entering into the land of organic fertilizers. This helps to saturate the soil with nutrients that subsequently have a beneficial effect on the crop. Depending on the condition of the soil at the site in her make fertilizer, compost, purchased peat, or prepared compost. For heavy soils it is recommended that the introduction of coarse sand or gravel fine grain – this helps to add soil lightness and to prevent waterlogging around the roots. In friable soil, add clay, longer to hold in moisture and necessary plant substances.

Work on lawns

If your garden consists of lawns should be inspected to comb the grass with a rake, in the presence of potholes, they are filled with sand mixed with earth. The surface of lawns leveled and sprinkle with fine sand. In the presence of bare spots in the lawn in these areas is plant seeds.

Other activities

On beds and ridges loosen the soil with a depth of 5-10 cm With the traditional digging of the nutrients go deep into the ground, and the soil structure is disturbed. When loosening of the soil it is porous, it is more appropriate for plant development.

When removing the protective coating with a shelter for winter plants to act with caution. For starters, weaken the harness. Then, when the ambient temperature rises several, dense winter cover should be replaced. The fabric chosen is more permeable to light and air – it can be agrosan, lutrasil and so on.

If your site is being regularly whitewashing of trunks, remember that seedlings don’t need it. On the contrary, the bleaching of the bark of the plant often leads to the clogging of pores, which reduces the plant development rate.

As soon as the ground warms up, you can move on to other works, including planting and care, beautification of the site.

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