How to remove virus from phone

Modern mobile phones (smartphones) are subject to viruses the same as computers. To get to the phone virus, together with information taken from the Internet via Bluetooth, SMS and MMS messages. Usually the phone is locked, almost out of order. In this case, the virus is an urgent need to remove it yourself or contact a specialist.

Как удалить вирус с телефона


1. To determine the presence of virus in the phone or tablet in many ways: there are disorders in the operating system blocked the program or they start to not work, there may be unknown symbols, the banners on the main screen. In the history of calls and messages may appear that those with this phone was not made. Themselves will begin to turn on program, camera, mobile app.

At a mobile wallet or personal accounts will start to disappear the money, and the owner of the device will lose access to them. If this phone used a social networking account, they can also lose access, or to detect malicious or mocking posts that you wrote. Can not start the application, not to press buttons when you run the program will be reports on what the error is. The battery will be discharged faster than usual. The virus can even delete your antivirus program. In this case you should install another, more effective.

In some cases, you are prompted to send a paid SMS to unlock the phone. But even sending a message does not guarantee that the device will again be safe. Better to spend time and effort on deletion of the virus.

2. Install an antivirus and scan your phone. To remove viruses you must find and download the antivirus for Android phone. Such antivirus there are several, some are free to download. After the installation, go to «virus scanner», and click on the button «scan». The antivirus will begin the verification process, in the course of which, finding viruses, will offer to remove them.

When you remove the virus via antivirus programs, you must pass the repeated test, following the recommendations of the program. If, after reset disappeared some files and software, that means they were infected, and their program is removed.

Как удалить вирус с телефона

3. A factory data reset. You can get rid of viruses dropping all user data from the internal memory. This will lost everything, so before performing this process, you must backup and save important information elsewhere. If you choose this method, you need to go to phone settings and find the section «backup & reset», which in some devices may be called «Backup and reset» or other variations depending on the manufacturer. From this section there is access to the «factory data Reset» or «Reset».

After clicking this button a warning message appears about the remove. Next, click on «Reset settings», which is usually located at the bottom of the screen. After the reset the device will reboot, and the settings need to be set again. This procedure allows you to remove from your phone from all viruses. With the installation of new settings have to work, but the phone is guaranteed to be cleared.

4. The removal of the virus through the computer. The method is effective, and quite simple. To bring it into action, simply connect the phone to PC in mass storage mode. Then open the antivirus and run a scan of individual files and folders on your phone or tablet. Wait for the verification process, and then remove all infected files. For this procedure, you can use almost any antivirus program installed on your computer.

Как удалить вирус с телефона

5. For removal of the virus-the extortioner without payment, you need to hold button on your phone «Recovery» (Recovery) within 10 seconds. Usually «Recovery» is the combination of the volume buttons and turn the phone on. How to do this on your phone, you should search the Internet yourself, about putting the search model and «keys to recovery». After entering into recovery mode, in the menu find the item wipe data/factory reset, and use the OK button to force the phone to reboot. Prior to the procedure, it is recommended to remove the phone from the USB flash drive, external memory. Need to scan it with the antivirus on the computer and after the restore the phone to put back. This is done due to the fact that viruses from USB drive can migrate to the main memory of the phone.

6. Flashing. Used in the most extreme cases, for example, when virus-spy existed in the device since the release, and implemented directly in the firmware of the phone. For each model has its own customized version of firmware, complete with instructions for installation. For the product of this operation will need some special devices, the possession of certain knowledge, and, quite possibly, for this it is necessary to consult a specialist. But if there is no other way, and the usual methods do not work, you will have to resort to this method.

7. Prevention of virus infection. When you get rid of scourge or buy a new phone, you should immediately download and install a proven antivirus for your smartphone. If this is not done, then after a while the phone can again be signs of infection. To avoid this you need only to use the proven programs that prevent open on their phone untested programs and files, be sure to update the mobile device as the release updates the system. Also be careful when clicking on links, even if they are sent to friends — in fact their phone or account could be hacked to do malicious newsletter.

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