How to get rid of smell in washing machine

Irreplaceable assistant of a housewife – washing machine, can ever disturb you an unpleasant odor. It happens because of improper care: if you keep the door always closed, do not allow the internal cavities and the tray to dry thoroughly. Often the tank smells bad, if it is a long time accumulate dirty (especially wet) underwear. If you accurately adhere to the instructions of use of appliances, and the smells do not stop, try to get rid of them, disinfected the machine.

Как избавиться от запаха в стиральной машине


1. All causes of unpleasant odors in the washing machine essentially boil down to one phenomenon: inside the cars formed a colony of bacteria or mold fungi, which love humidity. So first you should check where microorganisms «nest». This is a tray for detergent, where sometimes accumulate undissolved powder remaining; in the machines with horizontal loading – «accordion» rubber gasket, which can accumulate sodden pieces of paper or crumbs, forgotten in pockets, and a clogged filter or hose. So before to clean the machine from inside, it is necessary to check all these points and to eliminate a potential «culture medium» for microorganisms.

2. Remove the tray, check if it has black sooty mold. If necessary, disinfect (you can use household bleach or alcohol) rinse thoroughly with hot water using a stiff brush or «skip» through the dishwasher, wipe dry. Remember to handle and the nest tray. Check the gasket of the hatch and pull out all the accumulated dirt and check the appearance of the rubber. If it turned black, probably the best solution is to replace the gasket, but in any case, you can try to solve the problem of «home remedies». Rinse and disinfect the folds and wipe them dry. Remove and clean the filter, where they often accumulate thread, hair and other small dirt.

3. To wash and disinfect the washing machine from the inside, pour in the main compartment of the tray for detergent ½ Cup of bleach, the packaging which means that it is suitable for automatic washing and turn on the machine while, without underwear in the «boiling» or set a maximum temperature range of 90 degrees (depending on programs of your appliance). Drain the water, spin but not turn. After the end of the washing programme additional wash machine include rinse mode. After that, all available surfaces should be wiped away, to leave a hatch open and a good airing on the washing machine. Often even one such procedure is enough for getting rid of unpleasant odors, but if necessary it can be repeated.

4. If the machine long time not been cleaned from scale formed on the heating elements – it will interfere with getting rid of unpleasant odors. In this case, obtain the store specialized descaler for washing machines. Please act according to your instructions. Usually a detergent is poured into the drum, and a washing machine is scrolled without underwear. Such cleaning should be carried out every six months. Instead of special tools, you can use a food acid, which will also help to cope with the scale of citric or oxalic acid or vinegar. Citric acid is the most popular – in contrast to the oxalic, it can be purchased in almost all grocery stores, and the vinegar it compares favorably with the absence of sharp odor. Two or three bags of citric acid are filled into the compartment for the main wash, then the machine is switched on for a full cycle on the highest temperature. After cleaning, make sure to check the filter and remove from it the fragments of scale.

5. If these cleansing machine-gun did not help you, specialist. Cause of trouble may be a bad water smell of sewage, and a competent plumber will quickly provide you with the necessary filter on the water supply to the washing machine. To avoid stagnation of water (another possible reason for «flavors»), it is necessary to check whether the drain hose and if there are blockages. Finally, may need special work on bringing order to machine-gun: replace heating element and the pipe, cleaning the filter and the inner surface of the drum. Some people make it their own. The mold, discovered on the walls, effectively removed using a water solution of baking soda or vinegar.

6. To avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors in the future, don’t neglect preventive measures. Get rid of the smell in a washing machine sometimes it helps simply to change detergents. Buy quality washing powder from trusted shop. If you use children’s facility, read the instructions: some manufacturers recommend to sprinkle the powder directly into the drum on the clothes, not in the tray. Soap powders and thick softener dryer can also become the cause of bad breath from cavities cars, as they are not washed off till the end and become a breeding ground for fungi.

7. After each wash wipe dry the drum machine, the hatch and folds of the gasket, and remove and rinse the tray for detergent. Do not use tank for storage of dirty Laundry and don’t forget the «airing» machine. If you only wash clothes at low temperatures – once a month, turn the machine «idle» for a long cycle with maximum temperatures that are harmful to microorganism. Once in 2-3 months to arrange a «preventive» cleaning of the heating elements (full cycle at maximum temperature with a special tool against the scum, citric acid or vinegar) and a thorough cleaning of the pump filter.

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