Tip 1: How to know the tariff Beeline

Switching to more favorable tariffs of the mobile operator»Beeline», the subscriber is often forgotten what the name of his current rate, because it was replaced by a dozen tariff plans. And therefore can not trace the cost of one minute call within the network and on other mobile operators as well as the cost of other services such as SMS and mobile Internet. But now to figure out the name of the tariff plan and its conditions is not difficult. There are several existing ways.

Совет 1: Как узнать тариф Билайн

You will need

  • phone;
  • — the passport.


1. Mobile operator «Beeline» is in step with the times and strives to provide its customers
The highest quality connection, convenient and competitive rates, updates the existing tariffs. Naturally, the mobile users among the presented variety of tariff plans looking for which will satisfy their needs and desires. And others, despite the emergence of new tariffs, continue the habit to use the former, was connected many years ago. Sometimes, customers even forget which they have a valid fare. And then to help their clients get all the same right «Beeline». In fact, this operator provides its users with the maximum opportunity to be always updated with the latest updates, rates, additional services and options to communicate with other subscribers. Not difficult to subscribers «Beeline» and find out what tariff plan they are using at the moment. This can be done in several ways.

2. The simplest way to contact the store or service centre where an operator will provide you with all the information in your room. In order for the Manager was able to tell us all about your tariff plan and activated services and options, you will need to tell him the phone number and provide a passport, which was issued this SIM card. However, this method though simple, but requires a trip to the salon cellular operator.

3. Also learn the name of the tariff plan of Beeline on your phone, you can request through USSD command. Dial from your phone the combination *110*05# and press the call button. For a few seconds after the request is complete your phone will receive the SMS-message, which will contain information about the plan name, the name of the region in which it operates, and the activation date of this tariff. In addition, by using the USSD command you can get other information. In particular, if you send from the phone *110*09# and press the call button, you will also learn about the currently connected options. Perhaps some of them are no longer in use, and the monthly fee charged. Such options and deals you can disable it at any time and thereby save money on telephone service.

4. For information on your rates of «Beeline» can use also another method. To do this, type 0674, submit a request by clicking the call key. Listen carefully to the Voicemail messages and using the phone keypad, select the desired section. If you don’t have time to memorize which key you have to press for information, listen to the message again. The section titles will be read to the answering machine. In one of them you will hear information about the rate – choose it. In response you will receive SMS-message with information about the connected tariff plan.

5. For more information on your plan use the «Voice menu». To do this, enter the shortcode 067405 and press the call button. The informer of «Beeline» will just give you the name of your tariff. Please note that to make a call to the short number 067405 is possible only with a positive balance. With a negative balance this service will be available to you.

6. Call the call center of mobile operator «Beeline» will also help you to figure out your rate. To do this, call the number 0611. Wait until you meet the operator, and describe him your problem. The operator will answer any of your question related to rates and options. Explain the situation to him. For example, tell that you have changed the rate and I can’t remember its name. Within minutes the operator will answer your question. The only disadvantage of a call-centre is that due to the large number of incoming customer service calls is not always possible to get through to the operator the first time or have a long «hang» on the line.

7. To get through to the service hold also number 8-800-700-0611. And if the operator still does not respond quickly, use email. Clearly state the problem, for example, tell that you can’t remember your plan, and send an email to otvet@beeline.ru. To be exactly sure that your message has reached the addressee, deliver the letter return receipt. If the recipient will reply that the letter had been read through, you will receive a corresponding letter about it.

8. In addition, there is a good application «My Beeline», with which you will be able to get all the information for your number. To use it, send from your phone a team of mobile portal *111# and press the call button. Then select the menu option «My Beeline». To do this, in the response message type «1». The following notification, click «My account». Also in response, send a «1». And then click «My t/a plan.» Then you will receive a message with information about your subscription.

9. And ,of course, do not forget that all the necessary information on your number you can obtain by visiting your account on the website. To do this go to personal account https://my.beeline.ru/login.xhtml. Take in the appropriate fields login and password. The role performs login your phone number. To receive the password, click «Get password». On next page enter your phone number and click «Send». Within a few minutes on the phone will receive a text message with a temporary password. Enter it in the appropriate field and click finish. Then create a new password. Click «Save». After which the phone will receive the verification code which must be entered to confirm the numbers and then enter a personal Cabinet. Click «Continue».

10. You will then be directed to your personal account. Open the «Profile» section and you will see information about your tariff plan. Click on the link of the tariff, to learn additional information.

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