How to put tile on the floor independently. Option «seam to seam»

Repair — the process is costly and time-consuming, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Laying the tiles is quite hard work that requires accuracy and skill, but this does not mean that it is only specialist. It is possible to carry out packing yourself. Consider the option of laying floor tiles «seam to seam». In this case, the tile laid in straight rows, the stitches are completely the same.

Как положить плитку на пол самостоятельно. Вариант  «шов в шов»

You will need

  • Tiles, self-levelling floors and floor levelling adhesive, notched trowel, level, rubber mallet, TIC, rubber spatula, grout, tile, drill with a nozzle «mixer» (for mixing solutions), a container for fluids.


1. Calculate the number of tiles

To calculate the number of tiles needed floor space rooms divided into square tiles. But keep in mind that in the process of laying a number of tiles may be damaged, so the results obtained it is recommended to add 10%.

2. Floor preparation

Before you lay tile, you must dismantle the old and, if necessary, to level the floor. This can be done using, for example, self-leveling mixture that is diluted according to the instructions on the package. It has a fairly liquid consistency when pouring on the floor spread, evenly filling the subfloor. This is a simple way to make the floor perfectly smooth. You must wait until the floor is completely dry, at least 12 hours, only to start laying.

3. Laying tile

Laying the tiles start from a distant corner, which is on the mind. This is done in order to cut the tiles were, if possible, hidden. The glue is diluted according to the instructions on the package and applied on the floor on the area of one tile. The glue dries pretty quickly, so do not apply it on a large area. It is distributed on the floor with a notched trowel. Placed on top of the tile and aligned with your hands. You can use a rubber hammer, tapping it on the laid tile for a more durable fit it to the floor. Between the tiles set special crosses for smooth formation of the seams. Be sure to use a construction level to check the flatness of the floor. If the tile is, it is possible to straighten it by tapping it with a rubber mallet, if it is, Vice versa, I need to add a tile adhesive mortar.

4. Trim tiles

If the tile is not placed in a row, you will need to trim. This will require a specialized tool for tile. If not, you can use a simple hacksaw.

5. Grouting

When the tile is laid, it is necessary to leave the floor to dry for 2-3 days, and then you can start grouting. To do this, remove the crosses and using a small rubber spatula to cover the joints with grout. After that, leave the floor to dry during the day. Next, wipe the tile with a sponge and wash the floor.

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