How to choose batteries for home appliances

The usability of the batteries (compared to conventional batteries) obvious: you can not only save on their purchase, but less to poison the nature of the used batteries.

Как выбрать аккумуляторы для домашней техники

Why change the batteries at the batteries?

Today we use a large number of electronics at home. Many homes have a computer, television, electronic watch and other handy devices. For their operation need batteries. Not to constantly buy batteries, change them on batteries. This will allow you to save money.

What criteria should be guided when choosing batteries for the house?


Just in case let me remind you — the most common types of batteries today — AA («penlight») and AAA («mizinchikov»), but you can find devices that requires power supplies of type «Crone», the teams (like laptops).

Battery capacity

It is clear that traditionally is considered the best max capacity battery. This opinion is based on the obvious premise: the greater the capacity, the longer the device will last without requiring a change of battery. However, choosing a battery, you don’t always need to stop on a variant of the maximum capacity, because there are devices that consume very small amount of energy (a typical example is remote control). This means that by purchasing a small battery capacity for this technique, it is possible to save additional money.


This is an important factor, because the cost of this product is not very cheap. It is formed not only due to the quality of the battery, but given the brand, the number of batteries in the package.

Of course, it does not make sense to overpay for the brand, however, and not to pay attention to him is not necessary, because to maintain the prestige of the brand, leading manufacturers are trying to carefully monitor the quality of its product, but also offer an increased warranty period on the product.

Also, do not «save» by buying batteries in bulk. Keep in mind that the shelf life of such devices is limited. Better make a list in which you specify which electronic devices and which type you need batteries. This list will tell you the required number of batteries.

It is important to know the type of battery (Li-Ion, Li-Pol, Ni-MH or otherwise). Depends on the duration of their service life.

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