How to lay laminate flooring on ceiling

Laminate is a versatile surfacing material that is used not only as flooring but also the ceiling. The use of a laminate on the ceiling will give the room comfort, and to cope with this styling.

Как укладывать ламинат на потолок

There are many benefits to using laminate flooring on ceiling.

  • The basis of this material is wood and laminate flooring inherits all the positive features.
  • Laminate is durable, easy to care for.
  • In the construction market presents a large variety of colors and structures. The material can be masked even under a rock.
  • Laminate flooring does not transmit unnecessary noise in the room.
  • It’s not very expensive and it consumes reasonable means.
  • Styling greatly simplifies the firing pin under the hammer.
  • On the ceiling laminate floor will suit even the cheapest. Because he will not be subjected to external impact.

Before major works necessary to undertake preparatory. Plaster from the ceiling off otherwise the laminate will not lay down smoothly. You then need to measure the step of sheathing. This is necessary in order to measure the dimensions of the rails. The concrete ceiling subject to the transaction. Mark with a pencil on the ceiling the size of the future newerlive crates and a dowel-nails. It is possible at panel joints to simulate exposed beams, but is it objectionable.

The work begins with laying the joists. Nails begin to score in the rail is not on the ceiling, so you can very quickly get tired. After a lag fills the cross member. Around the perimeter of the sheathing laminate stacked with a spade, so the edges of broad slats. If this is not done, eventually the ceiling may collapse.

Fix the laminate on the ceiling in different ways. Each panel you can smear liquid nails for strength. They can also cover the seams. Another mounting method is a mounting supporting wooden beams.

In the end, made out skirting the perimeter and attach beams. Use liquid nails. Sealed head screws liquid nails or leave as decoration.

Laminate flooring is a very convenient material for finishing the ceiling. Its use has recently become very popular. During the laying of laminate for ceiling must be part of the work to do on the floor. So your work will not be a burden to you. Laminate you can pick according to their taste and financial possibilities. The result of stacking the laminate on the ceiling is amazing.

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