How to choose a battery charger for rechargeable batteries

Batteries — a convenient and economical alternative to the usual batteries. However, if it is wrong to choose a charger that has a chance to significantly shorten the life of the batteries.

Как выбрать зарядное устройство для аккумуляторных батареек

The transition from batteries to batteries for most home appliances is justified, because the battery, unlike batteries, can be recharged, and this means that there is no need at the most inopportune moment to run to the store for new batteries. But purchasing batteries, we must remember that it is not less important correctly to choose the device for charging. Otherwise, you will be not saving, and useless spending.

What criteria should I consider when choosing a charger?

1. The number of batteries which can be charged simultaneously.

Obviously, if you purchase a battery for use in remote control of the TV or a computer mouse, it makes no sense to buy a big charger because in such a situation, most likely, have to buy a corresponding number of batteries and use them in turn. But for use in energy-intensive instrument, the strategy is quite productive.

2. Type of batteries which can be charged with this memory.

This criterion is similar to the previous one — if there is a need to charge many batteries of various types, you should buy a multifunction charger, not several different, separate for each size. And Vice versa — no need to waste the money if it is expected to charge one or two batteries.

3. Additional capabilities of the charger.

Features such as built-in tester for battery-charging, a separate charging channels, a large memory is convenient if you constantly use a lot of batteries. It is obvious that monitoring of the battery to prolong her time functioning.

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