How to be treated by the Buteyko method

Treatment without medication by the Buteyko method has been successfully used in our country and abroad. This method allows to cope with some terrible said be incurable diseases. Moreover, the method is simple and clear, and accessibility knows no bounds.

Как лечиться по методу Бутейко

Our medicine already has a great experience. Beginning of medicine put famous people such as Hippocrates and Avicenna. They have made a significant contribution to the development of practical medicine. Over time, changed treatment methods, a description of the diseases, learned how to treat the disease, which previously could not handle. Before the doctors could achieve only temporary or partial relief of the state of health in many areas, today we are able to completely cure people from different ailments, left a bit, to cope with the horrors of the present day: AIDS, cancer.

Many people are now waiting for discoveries, and are looking for alternative therapies. Choose non-traditional techniques that help treat various diseases. One such effective treatment programs is the system of breathing on Buteyko. This method is directed only to the change in the depth of respiration. It is clear that the damage this treatment can bring, and try it everyone can.

In the 60-ies of the 20th century K. P. Buteyko has opened a reserve capacity of our body in the treatment of chronic ailments. He realized that in the presence of the disease in the body changing the balance of oxygen/carbon dioxide. The scientist decided that we forgot how to breathe properly and was able to prove that the deeper you breathe, the harder it hurt, and with a light shallow breathing any disease flows easier, recovery occurs quickly. Breathing only the upper parts of the lungs gives excellent results, but these sessions must be monitored by doctors.

About this method already written numerous books and articles detailing how to practice the Buteyko method. Here’s some aspects that are important to sick people.


  • tune in for regular classes, which will take a long time;
  • to understand what needs to change in my life a lot;
  • to understand that only with time will decrease the dosage of required medication.

What is the essence of the method Buteyko

The scientist believes that only through our diaphragm we are able to breathe superficially. Respiration must be carried out only through the nose. Breath is small, so that the chest and abdomen was left alone, practically did not rise. In this way, the air can only descend to the collarbone. Man should apply if he wants something to sniff and fears. Proizvoditsa inhale 3 seconds, exhale for 4-3, then pause. It is an exemplary diagram of breathing on Buteyko.

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