Some cheap analogues and substitutes have «Acteria»

Of Contracting fungal diseases very easy, but to get rid of this problem is not easy. Doctors recommend for the treatment of «drug zistan», the use of which is possible in the form of a liquid solution and in the form of a cream. But not for all patients it is available. In pharmacies you can find cheaper counterparts «Acteria», similar in its composition and allows to treat the fungus.

Какие дешевые аналоги и заменители есть у «Экзодерила»

How does «drug zistan» and its substitutes

The active ingredient of the drug that kills the fungus – naftifin. It successfully fights fungi-dermatophytes, and yeast-like plesnevami. «Drug zistan» applied externally – the outbreak and the susceptible zone cream or liquid applied solution.

A doctor can prescribe «a drug zistan» at:

— trichophytosis;

— candidiasis;

— onychomycosis;

— athlete’s foot.

Beginning to act, «drug zistan» destroys the cells of fungi and slows the growth of colonies of harmful microorganisms. It is not recommended to use the drug more than once a day.

Cheap analogues «Acteria»

Price «Acteria» ranges at around 700-750 rubles, which for many infected with fungus turns out to be too expensive. In search of cheap funds, providing the same action on microorganisms, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. Cheap analogues «Acteria» must be composed of active substance – naftifine or terbinafine. Such a tool, even if it is cheaper can help to get rid of the fungus.


«Micoperi» — cheap substitute «Acteria», is used similarly. They are very similar in composition, but the price differs in 2 times. On the shelves of Russian pharmacies, you can find «Micoperi», the cost of which will not be expensive 350 rubles. This drug, as well as its costly counterpart, is available in drops and in cream form. People with allergic reactions to the active substance and its derivatives apply «Micoperi» should not. Like many cheap analogues «Acteria», the tool cannot be applied on open wounds and damaged skin.


Generic «Acteria», is available in various liquid and gel form and in tablets. The liquid form is usually used more often. The active ingredient of drug terbinafine hydrochloride has more contraindications than naftifin, so «Fungoterbin» not prescribed for some diseases, and pregnant women and children. Price – 320 rubles.


This substitutes «Acteria» is available in gel form. As «drug zistan» applied externally, causing the substance to the affected areas. May experience dry and itchy skin. Naftifine concentration in the medium is small, so the drug has almost no side effects. The price is 312 roubles.


Sold in pharmacies in the form of an ointment, of a gel, cream, lotion and tablets. The course of treatment can last from 6 to 12 weeks. Unlike the expensive drug «drug zistan» price analog — 400-450 rubles.


Perhaps the most inexpensive analogue «Acteria», produced in the form of drops or cream. Active substance – Candide – copes with pathogenic colonies of microorganisms. Unlike drug «drug zistan», the use of which may not be more than 1 time a day, it can be applied 2-3 times a day. The price – 120 roubles.

Who can’t use cheap analogues «Acteria»

Cheap analogues «Acteria» can have a number of contraindications. They are not given to pregnant women, mothers breast-feeding their babies and young children. With special care to apply the drugs have allergies, and «lamisil», for example, is absolutely contraindicated to those who are taking hormonal medications.

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