ABS plastic: features, price, the largest manufacturers of abs plastic

Modern industry has worked tirelessly to the invention of new, more versatile materials. For example, plastic is characterized by many useful properties. It is divided into many types. One of the most practical and versatile material called ABS plastic, which has a very high strength and a long list of other equally useful properties.

What is ABS plastic

Plastic, made from a combination of three monomers – Acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene is a useful scientific achievement. Heavy-duty combination of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is widely used in engineering. Name three initial letters of the constituent substances. At its core, this technical plastic is a thermoplastic resin. The proportions of monomers in the finished product can range from about to 20 %, from which will depend on the final properties of the material. They differ in that they remain among the highest.

АБС-пластик: характеристики, цена, крупнейшие компании-производители abs-пластмассы

Features ABS plastic

The ABS material has many useful properties that allow you to use plastic in a variety of industries. Chief among them is resistance and strength, which keeps the product of ABS plastic body even when hitting it with a sledgehammer. Under strong pressure the material is deformed but not destroyed, then can be easily restored. Other characteristics of the ABS polymer are:

  • Color: opaque with a yellowish tinge, the surface is glossy. It is possible to obtain a transparent modification of the product and staining in different colors.
  • Toxicity: under normal conditions, the ABS material is non-toxic.
  • Service life: the material is durable if protected from direct sunlight.
  • Density: 1.02-1.06 g/cm3.
  • Solubility: ABS material split under the influence of acetone, esters, ketones, 1,2-dichloroethane.
  • Temperatures: plastic use from -40 °C to +90 °C, heat resistance 103, certain types of ABS at 113 °C.
  • Aggressive means: the material is resistant to alkalis, acids, oils, detergents, moisture.

Melting point

The strength of the plastic is maintained for a large range of temperatures, although it is not recommended to use ABS material in direct sunlight and expose to UV light. At various temperature indicators with it the following happens:

  • at 220°C – melts;
  • at 395°C the material ignites;
  • at 100°C ABS begins to soften;
  • 200-260°C – the range of process temperatures;
  • long-term operation of ABS material possible maximum at 75-80 °C.

АБС-пластик: характеристики, цена, крупнейшие компании-производители abs-пластмассы

The production of ABS plastic

Polymer manufacturer is very active (production capacity is 8 million tons per year) and growing annually by 5.5%. In order to obtain 1 kg ABS material will need 2 kilograms of oil, the main source of raw materials. Individual components depolimerizuyutza and are available in two types: sheet plastic or granular. The first can serve as finished products or blanks for details. Using the method of vacuum forming produces other more complex products. Plastic pellets raw material for molding of various products.


The ABS material has been used in many industries. Plastic is found as an additive that improves the characteristics of the materials it is made from different products. Home appliances, cars, tools, goods of daily use – everywhere to be found in the polymer. From his release:

  • large parts for machines (grille, controls, flaps on the dashboard, body);
  • details of tele-radio equipment, vacuum cleaners, phones, consoles, coffee machines, faxes, computers, etc.;
  • sports equipment;
  • furniture;
  • the details of the weapon;
  • sanitary products;
  • stationery;
  • musical instruments;
  • toys, constructors;
  • details of the medical equipment;
  • bags, containers.

The use of 3D printing

Plastic has found its application as a material for printers that produce 3D printing, although it costs not too cheaply. For this purpose, the polymer modificeres and is produced by special coils. In this application it is advantageous that it is possible to produce high strength products, but to get it, you have to overcome many technological difficulties.

3D printers have to optimize, installing them on the heated working platform. They provide climate control of the working chamber. Otherwise the plastic loses much of its volume during cooling, which leads to deformation and delamination of the finished product. The advantages of using plastic in 3D printing is that components of it easy to stick together, producing large-sized products, is easily subjected to mechanical treatment using a conventional acetone.

АБС-пластик: характеристики, цена, крупнейшие компании-производители abs-пластмассы

Danger to humans

High impact plastic, though overfunctioning, but, as a chemical compound in some instances can be dangerous. Health it threatens if:

  • Is heated ABS. In this case the plastic evaporates Acrylonitrile. During production, heat is inevitable, so the plastic is held in closed boxes equipped with powerful extracts.
  • In contact with food. To heat food in plastic items shall be prohibited. Unacceptable and contact ABS with alcohol, substances which react with components of plastic and there is a selection of unhealthy styrene.
  • In contact with the biomaterials of what is possible in medicine.


ABS plastic not for nothing is widespread, even despite the expensive production. It has high performance indicators, which can say other polymers:

  • ABS is easily processed.
  • She can give a high Shine.
  • May be released of any color, including transparent.
  • Safe for human health and the environment.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Flexible, has high resistance under impact, can be repaired.
  • Its weight is lighter compared to other types of plastic.
  • Different durability.

АБС-пластик: характеристики, цена, крупнейшие компании-производители abs-пластмассы


With all the positive qualities of this type of plastic has some disadvantages. It narrows the range of application of the material, although manufacturers are exploring exits from these situations. The weaknesses of the ABS include:

  • Low weather. The plastic is negatively affected by ultraviolet light and the sun, causing it loses its Shine and some other properties.
  • Low degree of insulation.
  • No electromagnetic shielding.

The largest producers of

Heavy-duty ABS material manufactured throughout the world. There are 48 manufacturers of this raw material. Among them are several large and well-established in the market:

  • Russia. The production here involved two major manufacturer of «Nizhnekamskneftekhim» and «Plastic».
  • Japan. A reputed manufacturer of ABS material — Techno Polymer.
  • Europe. Stand out by the magnitude produced by Dow Chemicals, Ineos, Polimeri Europe.
  • Three large manufacturer of ABS material in Taiwan. This Chi Mei Corporation, Grand Pacific, Formosa.
  • Four companies in the Republic of Korea Samsung Cheil Industries, Lanxess, BASF, LG Chemicals.

Composite materials based on ABS

This product is widely used due to the fact that the material can be modified. Due to this change properties and new opportunities. The most common materials on the basis of the ABS include:

  • Composite ABS/PC. This material is more heat resistant ABS, can be briefly heated to 145°C, has a high impact resistance and frost resistance, resistant to various chemical solutions.
  • Composite ABS/PVC. This material is more weather-resistant, has good resistance to aging, easy to process, be briefly heated to 97 °C.
  • Composite ABS/PBT. Its difference is the stability at elevated temperatures, the maximum short-term heating to 150 °C, ABS resistance to many substances such as gasoline, acids, alkalis and others.
  • Composite ABS/PA. Maximum short-term heating of the material is 250 °C, this species is more impact resistant, wear resistant, chemically resistant than the original material.

АБС-пластик: характеристики, цена, крупнейшие компании-производители abs-пластмассы


To buy the sheet of plastic can wholesale or by the piece, different colors and sizes. You can choose plastic sheets or kilograms. The cost depends on the size, weight, lettering. To define the indicators can be the labeling of the product. When ordering a large number of vendors often sell discounts. If you want to buy ABS plastic in Moscow or order from St. Petersburg, the purchase will cost approximately in this range (excluding shipping costs):



The thickness of sheet, mm

Dimensions of sheet, mm

Sheet weight, kg

Price in rubles






1 542/sheet






083 3/sheet


white, smooth






white with UV






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