The female condom how to insert the vagina, the reliability of the method and convenience

To use contraception for modern girls is not a problem, because a female condom, or, as he calls the young, «condom» very convenient and effective. Use Femidom will provide protection for both partners during sexual intercourse and protect against an unwanted pregnancy. Special ladies ‘ condoms are a necessity, they should be in a handbag any woman who regularly engages in sexual relations. Today, a wide selection of different options Femidom.

What is a female condom

This method of contraception looks like a transparent elastic tube with the outer rings arranged at both ends of the product. One is outside and the other inserted into the vagina like a diaphragm. The condom for women (female condom) is made of thin material – latex or polyurethane, whose length is 8 cm and a diameter of 18 see the Condom must ensure the maximum degree of protection against penetration of sexually transmitted infections. For the first time the condom was released in 1993 in the USA, however, is not gained there popularity.

The situation changed after the manufacturer began to position the product as a means of contraception in the violence. Because the rings Femidom fit snugly to the walls of the vagina and hold the condom inside, even when you try to take the girl by force, the product will reduce the chance of infection with sexual infections from a member of the men. The condom is highly effective protection from sexually transmitted diseases and is not inferior to the male condom.

Женский презерватив - как правильно вставить во влагалище, надежность метода и удобство

Looks like

If you try to represent the look of the female condom, the easiest way to do it, remembering the shape of male forms of contraception. Since condoms are made of elastic materials with a diameter of 18 cm, the product has a translucent structure and is easily deformed. The inner ring of the condom should lay down not only the walls of the vagina, but the cervix. The outer ring remains outside while protecting both sexual partners from possible risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

Differs from the male

Condoms for girls, unlike the male counterpart, appeared on the market of contraceptives relatively recently, so many women have not even heard about the existence of Femidom. However, much of a difference between the first and second kind of condoms is not, as both are subject to one-time use and should prevent partners from unwanted effects during sexual intercourse.

The main difference between women’s options is to Femidom rings which have different diameters. This choice is motivated by the purpose of each of these devices. In the male condom only one outer ring, since the external sex organs men don’t need additional measures of attachment. Female condoms should consist of two rings as a member of a partner need to register.

Advantages of female condom

Has a lot of advantages a condom for women, condom, therefore actively promoted worldwide as the best remedy for infectious diseases of the external genitalia. Doctors agree in opinion that the proper use of Femidom will provide comfort during intercourse and will not prevent the partners to obtain pleasure. However, it is not recommended to apply additional lubricant during sex, to facilitate the insertion of the penis.

An additional feature of the condom for women is no need to interrupt sexual activity to put on Femidom, because it can be done in advance. The condom will not interfere in daily activities or during any movement, as a form of contraceptive adapts to the size of the vagina. If you use the product correctly, it is possible to achieve the best clitoral stimulation, which is especially important for women with weak excitability.

Женский презерватив - как правильно вставить во влагалище, надежность метода и удобство


Every product has flaws, so before buying Femidom should carefully consider them. When using materials of the polyurethane condom may give off an extremely unpleasant smell that with high probability have a detrimental effect on the atmosphere of the Congress. If women have poorly developed vaginal muscles, there is a risk of loss of contraceptive. A significant disadvantage of the female condom is the inability to use lubricant, since any additional substances is able to damage the structural integrity Femidom.

The main drawback

The main drawback of this contraception is the high cost. For one unit of the product will have to pay about five dollars, and the whole package will cost much more. For comparison it is worth noting that to buy normal condoms will be several times cheaper. Femidon exists in several forms, as detailed in the manufacturers ‘ catalogue, however, to order them not so easy, because they are only sold in foreign countries. And although human health is valuable, many people choose more affordable methods of contraception.

How to use

The process of introduction of the condom is not anything complicated and something similar to using tampons. In the packaging product has a detailed manual, which describes how to use the female condom. The first step is to take a comfortable position sitting or lying down, to give the body will relax. New femidon must be removed from packaging and spread gently, in no event it is impossible to use the same contraceptive twice can harm the body.

Carefully consider fixture for marriage, because even a small defect is able to pass particles of sperm. Problems may appear if you incorrectly install Femidom, so during the process should be very careful. The condom is inserted into the vagina using the index finger, all actions should be smooth and careful. As soon as the product will be entirely in the vagina, the process can be considered completed.

How to wear female condom

For any girl who ever in your life used a tampon, wear a female condom is not difficult. The most important thing – not to delay the process, slowly but surely pushing contraception on the vaginal wall until, until the product reaches the uterus. Femidon can allow virtually any manipulation with the introduction, since condoms are made of very thin and elastic material. If for any reason, will not be able to cope on their own, it is recommended to seek the help of a partner.

Женский презерватив - как правильно вставить во влагалище, надежность метода и удобство

How to get

Removing the condom is much easier than to install, so here, every girl can handle it without additional help. Once intercourse is over, the woman should compress the free end Femidom, while in the supine position. This must be done in order to not leak sperm. Spinning the outer ring, should gradually get the contraceptive from the vagina. Used the product is thrown in the trash.

What to consider when buying

If you decide to use this method of protection, it is necessary to examine carefully the range of products, because there are so many different condoms for women. Pay attention to the manufacturer, do not buy fakes or cheap copies, because the quality of these products is questionable. Shelf life is important consider this factor when making a purchase. Select two or three models, check with your partner and choose the best option.


As mentioned earlier, price femidoms much higher than even the most expensive male contraceptives. The average product price ranges from 300 to 600 rubles apiece, so buy this product able not everyone. However, it is worth considering whether there is a real need for such means for protection, or you can buy something cheaper? Statistically, the protective ability of the male condom is not inferior to the female counterpart.

Photo of female condom

Женский презерватив - как правильно вставить во влагалище, надежность метода и удобство



Alena, 25 years

I love experiments in bed, so I suggested the husband try to have sex, using as a method of prevention is condoms for women. It was difficult to enter the femidon, although I did everything according to instructions. In the end my husband got bored with it quick, and it looks all weird. The smell of the product is so-so.

Cyril, 33 years

I was very intrigued by the emergence of women’s condoms, and I decided to personally test their effectiveness. Order and buy femidon was not very difficult, but the use is much heavier. While the girl figured out how to put a condom in the vagina, it took at least ten minutes. The pleasure we received, but at least had a lot of fun.

March, 20 years

For me personally, all latex options and contraceptives, pills, are extremely inconvenient. Besides, I’m always afraid that the condom will tear during intercourse, which increases the chance of getting pregnant. I do not recommend anyone to use a condom or its analogues, I advise you to go on oral contraceptives.

Michael, 46 years

My wife and I have three children, so try to be more careful not to accidentally repaired another. A couple of years ago thought to purchase these condoms. However, compared with the cost of male methods of contraception is much higher. Of his decision do not regret, the condom for women is another publicity stunt.

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