Internet addiction-types, symptoms and causes of the disorder, how to get rid of computer addiction

The world wide web has long enveloped the whole world. The term Internet addiction is a disease the symptoms of which can be found at every step, it «pulls» adults and adolescents from their traditional way of life in society. Experts are sounding the alarm: with the problem should be fought by different methods, or be a disaster. A new disease of the 21st century is not long to wait.

What is the Internet addiction

The definition of a new disease of the 21st century is not new. The so-called Internet addiction or Internet addiction. Its symptoms can be found. Test: unplug for two hours Internet. What you have experienced? Anger, boredom, confusion, and the compulsion to check your page? Any of these feelings means one thing: you’ve got a modern Internet disease. Do you need help? Yes and no. It depends on how deep you are «stuck» in an information network.

Интернет-зависимость: виды, симптомы и причины расстройства, как избавиться от компьютерной аддикции


Mental illness caused by a worldwide network, has some form of addiction. They are easy to classify on different types of Internet addiction, each of which has its psychological basis. This:

  • Virtual communication. A huge number of social networks, chat rooms or blogs allows a person to communicate at any time of the day. Dependent person tends to have hundreds of virtual friends during the use of the Internet, but it loses the real.
  • The concept of gambling. Online game, like a continuation of the Internet social networking allow you to plunge into a new world, virtual reality or the tale. In such games simultaneously involves many of the world’s Internet users, making the process even more fun and psychological dependence even stronger.
  • The sexual influence of the Internet. Man, trying to get physical satisfaction, prefers to watch movies and videos erotic and pornographic nature.


Psychologists call the different reasons of violation of communication, which lead to computer addiction in adults or children. However, they boil down to a psychological problem – the inability to Express themselves in society. Often people make rash acts, to get hundreds of thousands of likes. Regular communication via social networks has grown in self-assertion at the expense of reviews of unfamiliar people.

The cause of gaming addiction psychologists call the boredom and the ability to isolate themselves from the outside world with its cares and problems. As for sexual addiction from pornorolikov, everything is simple. This lack of a regular sexual partner, the inability to open up sexually, other mental disorders.

Интернет-зависимость: виды, симптомы и причины расстройства, как избавиться от компьютерной аддикции


So how to recognize addiction in themselves or their loved ones? There are many symptoms by which you can judge if people in the insidious network of Internet web or not. The following signs of Internet addiction can help you recognize the disease. Pay attention to the appearance. The patient loses the ability to work, it becomes like a drug addict with pale skin, dark circles, exhausted, looking tired.

Free Internet time the patient spends in the network. Often this pastime is a pointless «fermentation» on social networks, forums, and entertainment sites. Planned half an hour before sleep gradually into the whole night in front of the monitor. If the network disappears, the man begins to torment boredom, he becomes irritable and nervous.

A person immersed in the virtual world, forget to eat, swim and even go to the toilet. About the dream sometimes is not the question. If he has to pick up «toy», it can become aggressive, dependent behavior becomes strong. Especially Internet addiction affects teenagers. Live family communication goes on there, friends, parents, relatives go by the wayside. Such people need psychological help.

How to get rid of Internet addiction

We already know about the availability of special clinics and resorts where they treat drug addicts and alcoholics. However, few people know that all over the world were opened and special institutions for treating patients with computer addiction. In our country, very few of them, and to get there is not easy, however, this does not mean that you need to let go. The fight against the disease is possible with the help of an experienced psychologist, counselling by a therapist, behavioral therapy, advice of loved ones.

Интернет-зависимость: виды, симптомы и причины расстройства, как избавиться от компьютерной аддикции


Dependence on the Internet world can be cured. The person who spends hours in front of the monitor, you need to help by applying different methods of treatment. You do not need to drink any medicines, there are other treatment for Internet addiction:

  • Journey. Not necessary to fly to the other end of the world, you can just leave town for the weekend. Don’t forget to grab a tent and leave the gadgets at home.
  • Hobby. Help the dependent person to find himself in a new hobby. A favorite thing can help to get rid of the problem.
  • Training. Never too late to learn. Instead of the aimless «fermentation» in the vast world wide web, it is possible for example to start to learn a foreign language.
  • Sport. Physical exercise will remind the patient that he lives in the real world. Besides a beautiful figure and good health is never superfluous.


If one of the methods of treatment helped to get rid of this mental illness, this does not mean that you can relax. Favorite thing, socializing with friends and achieving goals needs to take all free time. Former patient start to appreciate every minute of life and regret every second spent in vain. Good prevention of Internet addiction in adolescents is an active lifestyle that includes sports.

Интернет-зависимость: виды, симптомы и причины расстройства, как избавиться от компьютерной аддикции

The consequence of the phenomenon of Internet addiction

Before you sit down at monitor, think about what it might be. People diagnosed with Internet addiction will eventually lose interest in real life, and with it your appearance and health. Sleepless nights, food in haste, forgetfulness, poor memory – all of this you can close your eyes, because this is your life and you decide what to do with it. Think about your loved ones, loved one, children, parents – they suffer from such mental disorders.


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