Large letters and numbers with their hands: step by step instructions with photos and videos

If you learn how to make three-dimensional letters and numbers with your own hands, you can decorate any celebration, using yarn, ordinary cardboard, tissue paper or corrugated paper. They are suitable for different events: company anniversaries, children’s birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. It can be romantic inscription «LOVE», the first letters of the names of the lovers or the age of the birthday boy. Learn the basics of making shapes, you can accomplish any label that is symbolic for a particular occasion. Some interesting ideas you will find in master classes with the photo below.

From what we can make solid figures with their hands

To create dimensional letters and numbers with their hands can use a variety of conventional materials. The easiest option is paper or cardboard. The shapes they make are very light. For this reason, you can easily hang a number or letter of the alphabet on the wall, and it will stay. This is a great option for holiday decoration and the photo shoot. The paper may be corrugated. Instead, it will fit even a normal tissue. To produce three-dimensional letters and numbers with your own hands, you can also use:

  • Fabric, for example satin, cotton, felt and fur. Made of them with his own hands the shapes are soft. If you fill the blanks with cotton or polyester batting, you get pads that are element of holiday decor, or any decor.
  • Foam. DIY it is also very light, they can be decorated a variety of materials – colors, flowers, ribbons, shells, and crystals.
  • Thread. They will be part of the decor. Threads you need to wrap the frame, made of cardboard or three-dimensional rectangle of foam.
  • Corrugated paper

    On the basis of such material it is possible to make a very nice three-dimensional letters and numbers with their hands. Only need a lot of corrugated paper. The shape is not bulky, but looks no less original. The first step is to cut out cardboard to the desired shape. Further actions are:

  • Paper cut into strips 50 cm in length and 3.5 cm in width.
  • Further, each of the workpiece to bend one edge, as shown in the photo. The result is a twirl.
  • The next step is to form rosettes, gradually twisting all stripes.
  • The bottom edge of the flower to secure the thread in the tone.
  • To glue the corrugated cardboard paper of the same color.
  • Continue to glue the flowers figure.
  • Объемные буквы и цифры своими руками: пошаговая инструкция с фото и видео

    Volumetric figures of napkins

    The figure of napkins is a budget option, but it, too, would be bright and original. In addition they will need cardboard, scissors, tape, glue and a stapler. The sequence of making three-dimensional figures is:

  • Template to draw on a piece of cardboard, inflicting on him the outline of the digits of the desired size. Cut out two identical blanks.
  • With duct tape to glue the ends first one side of the figure. Similarly attach the remaining half of the figure.
  • Continue to do paper flowers. To do this, each napkin is cut in half, the two halves fold in half again and cut.
  • The resulting quarters put together. In the middle to hold them together with a stapler, then trim to make a circle.
  • Starting at the top, fingers gripping each layer of cloth.
  • Spread the petals of a flower. To make the workpieces in large quantity.
  • Just have to glue the flowers on a cardboard frame.
  • Cardboard decoration

    Volumetric figure made of cardboard consists of two identical parts and a number of long strips needed to create the sides of the digits or letters. The finished product can be on the basis of the flat sheet. In this case, you just need to outline on cardboard the desired shape, cut it out and place. Billet 3d runs a bit differently:

  • Using a stencil of the chosen numbers or letters to transfer the image onto cardboard, plain or corrugated.
  • Cut two identical parts.
  • Cut the strips of the sidewalls of the letters or numbers that are 3-4 cm wider than the thickness of the product. Using the handle to push them bend lines, bend the cardboard on them.
  • Next, the resulting edges glue the cardboard to the basics, spreading glue on the curved part of the elements.
  • So to fulfill all the side of the figure, and then put it under a press for a couple of hours, then decorate.
  • DIY threads

    Frame cotton Handicrafts often made from cardboard. A very important strength to the action of the threads the item is not broken and bent. The resulting workpiece is just wrapped with thread of the same or different colors. This can be done very quickly. It turns out beautifully when mixed contrasting thread. For a holiday in eco-style wrap the figure with string or twine.

    Объемные буквы и цифры своими руками: пошаговая инструкция с фото и видео

    Three-dimensional letters of paper

    Very light and delicate figures out of paper. This is a great option for decorating for the wedding. They are made very easy too. First you need to make a stencil of the desired letter, then transfer it to cardboard colour and cut. Only need one piece. Further actions are:

  • Paper in desired colors cut into squares of different sizes. On the corners to make the corner.
  • Further, each workpiece is cut in a spiral, leaving in the middle of the circle, drip a little glue.
  • Twist detail on spirals in the shape of a flower, press it to the core, to glue.
  • Make a variety of workpieces of different color paper.
  • Arrange flowers cardboard frame letters.
  • Fur letters and numbers

    Figures can make even fur. They turn out soft and fluffy. The principle of making here is the same as when using a tissue. You must first make a stencil of the required figures. Then it is transferred twice to the wrong side of fur, but only in the mirror, then to sew the details. You will also need to cut the strips for the decoration of the ends of the figure. It remains only to sew all the elements and fill the blank with something soft.

    Fabric crafts

    Another common option how to make large letters and numbers with his hands, involves the use of fabric and filler. If you are familiar with a sewing machine, you can easily make a fun figures. It can be a very small part or large, that you can put on the floor. The most popular size is about as cushions. Instructions on how to make a volume number or letter of textiles:

  • To choose the type and color of the fabric suitable to the room interior.
  • Outline on cardboard and cut out a stencil of the desired shape.
  • To make a pattern, transferring the image onto the fabric. Cut out the two parts of the mirror.
  • Next, cut a fabric strip the same size as the desired thickness of the cushions.
  • Sew the parts by hand or using a sewing machine.
  • Объемные буквы и цифры своими руками: пошаговая инструкция с фото и видео

    What to do based

    The easiest option is cardboard. It is made both flat and three-dimensional figures. In the first case, only enough for one cut-out detail. For surround you need two identical blanks and strips to create the ends. Another option is foam. This material is easy to cut, crumble, though, so it carried out a variety of three-dimensional elements. In addition, it is very simple to decorate. Many craftsmen doing the even frame of wood or wire.

    How to make bulk numbers or letters

    In festive decor has long been popular three-dimensional letters and numbers with their hands. There are many ways of creating and processing of the workpiece. For this reason, you will easily be able to find a suitable to your decor or holiday option. The whole manufacturing process involves several key steps:

    • to buy the necessary materials and tools;
    • to make a model;
    • to create the ends, to smooth out the edges;
    • make the decor of the workpiece.

    What you will need for making

    The basic required material is paperboard. You can use a very thick corrugated. Is any old box from under the Shoe or appliances. Not too thick cardboard holds its shape well, is easy to cut. Instead, you can get thick or thin foam. Additionally you will need:

    • tubes from paper towels;
    • pencil;
    • white paper;
    • line;
    • PVA glue;
    • a pair of scissors.

    The frame for the figure

    After preparation of the material to the desired shape you want to draw on paper or print on the printer. Then it needs to be cut and to transfer the stencil onto the foam using the marker. Then with a sharp knife cut the workpiece. If you use cardboard, stencil for transfer in duplicate. Further actions are:

  • Cut two piece of cardboard.
  • Next, cut a strip of paper 2 cm wide or more if you want a thicker figure.
  • Take a tube, attach to the edge of the strip of paper on it to draw the outline with a pencil – get a ring width of 2 cm Cut it off to make another 6-7 of these blanks.
  • Distribute rings on one of the cardboard halves of the letters or numbers, stick them with hot melt.
  • Next spread the upper ends of the rings. To attach the second half of cardboard.
  • Объемные буквы и цифры своими руками: пошаговая инструкция с фото и видео

    Trimming and cleaning the edges

    In the next step of creating three-dimensional letters and numbers with their hands to perform for billet ends. This will require several sheets of white paper. Actions here are:

  • Paper should be cut into small strips, and then glue it to the ends of the product.
  • The more pieces of paper to stick and the rest of the surface of the cardboard letters or numbers. The result – you will get a figure, covered with thick paper layer.
  • To give the workpiece to dry and harden, sticking small pieces to remove.
  • In the case of using foam the edges of the shapes with sandpaper.
  • The decor bulk of numbers and letters

    There are many options for the design of volumetric letters and numbers. It all depends on the theme of the event. To decide on a specific option, you should know the basic techniques used to create a beautiful decoration:

    • the wrapping stones, shells, POM-POM from yarn;
    • bright plating color or monochromatic fabric;
    • making flowers out of napkins or sheets corrugated paper;
    • the wrapping with colored paper and cardboard are the same or different colors;
    • wrapping the twine or yarn.

    Winding volume number or letter with yarn is the easiest option. For its implementation must be carefully wound thread to thread. Seashells or pebbles can stick in any way: in a chaotic manner or in the form of any simple patterns. Can be covered with glue on the surface of the letters to place the sequins. Since the preform will be even more vivid. Other design options:

  • With the help of the fabric. To do this, cover the front surface of the letters with glue. Next, it is glued a piece of fabric cut to form blanks. Then repeat the same with the rear and side surfaces.
  • From corrugated paper. In this case, the items are bright and fluffy. Required for the manufacture of small strips of paper like this. They can be spun in the form of flowers, which are then pasted the very figure. Items should be placed close to each other.
  • From napkins. They also used for decoration of flowers. You will need to make many preparations. If of cloth of different colors, it is possible to show imagination in their location-based and alternation.
  • Acrylic paint. They have good resistance to water and tightly cover a surface. To cover the surface of numbers or letters with acrylic paint very easily.
  • Family photographs, parts of cards, small balloons. They make out the facial surface of three-dimensional shapes.
  • Объемные буквы и цифры своими руками: пошаговая инструкция с фото и видео

    The numbers on the birthday of your hands — step by step instructions with photos

    To the original design of a festive celebration, you can create three-dimensional figures with their hands, which will reflect the age of the birthday boy. An example is unity for a year to a child, whether a boy or a girl. This figure is done very simply:

  • To prepare a paper stencil.
  • Transfer it to cardboard, cut with a utility knife.
  • To cover the billet with a paint or paste over the colored paper.
  • From white paper to cut out several circles. Each 8 fold it in half, and then at the end of the piece to cut two of the petal.
  • Spread the resulting Daisy. Add to it the core of yellow corrugated paper.
  • Paste daisies to decorate a cardboard blank, at its discretion, for example, sequins, ribbons, bows, beads, etc.
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