How to remove cracked heels

Quite a common problem in women is the presence of cracks on the heels of the feet. Sometimes this unpleasant phenomenon can be eliminated pedicure, but if the cracks are deep enough – you will need treatment. To remove cracked heels by using medicinal drugs and folk remedies.

Как убрать трещины на пятках

You will need

  • — vaseline;
  • — beeswax;
  • — paraffin;
  • — salicylic acid;
  • — ointments;
  • cream;
  • — herbs;
  • — Apple cider vinegar;
  • socks;
  • — water.


1. Before proceeding to the treatment of cracked heels, you need to eradicate the cause. The reasons can be various diseases and skin dryness. If cracked heels have emerged as the result of any disease, it is necessary first to cure him.

2. Best remedy for cracked heels is just petroleum jelly and all preparations having him in the squad. Due to the properties of vaseline feet get the necessary hydration. Before you apply these drugs, the legs should be well steamed out in hot water. Vaseline is applied to the adhesive and glued to the heel for the night. Procedure is repeated daily until the cracks disappear.

3. Very well helps to remove cracked heels remedy based on beeswax. The wax is heated and mixed in equal amounts with paraffin and salicylic acid. After mixing it should be applied on the heel. As a result of drying is to put another two layer of the mixture and fix with a bandage. Remove the tool through the day, while treating a heel in the Penza region.

4. Another great remedy for cracked heels is a bath of herbs – chamomile, oak bark, sage, calendula. To prepare the therapeutic mixture, it is necessary to combine a teaspoon of each herb, and two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar. His feet in the bath have to hold for 15-20 minutes, then thoroughly wipe off and lubricate the moisturizer.

5. In addition to folk remedies that help to get rid of cracked heels medical preparations such as ointments on the basis of antibiotics, allowing to soften the skin heels; cream containing propolis and beeswax; antifungals.

6. Using such means, we should not forget about the proper care of their feet. In order not to irritate the skin, wash your feet in warm water, and then RUB the skin with olive oil. Sometimes you can do a foot massage with a fat cream, but you should not perform it too often. After applying any funds to foot always wear cotton socks.

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