How to make heels soft

They are gentle, smooth, soft, pleasant to the eye and to the touch – it’s all about the heels. They deserve special attention and should look attractive not only in summer, when worn open shoes, but in any time of the year. Because of this women everything has to be perfect. To make the heels have always been soft, very difficult, especially to take care of yourself not only useful, but also pleasant.

Как сделать пяточки мягкими


1. Below the heel was soft to care for them regularly and not from time to time, especially if you love to walk around the apartment barefoot. If possible, visit the salon, do a pedicure. If finances do not allow – heels take care of yourself.

2. Don’t forget the rules of hygiene – wash your feet. Use the cream morning and evening. In the morning use a cream or light consistency cream with talcum powder, and before going to bed, apply a rich and nourishing cream.

3. Rubbing cream into the skin of the feet, conduct a gentle massage, paying special attention to heels. Massage will help the cream to absorb faster, relieve tired feet, improve blood circulation, and just a pleasure.

4. One or more times a week apply a mask. You can use special masks for the feet, you can apply a regular moisturizing cream in a thick layer. To enhance the effect of any masks, wrap feet with plastic wrap and put on socks. Can leave such a mask at night.

5. Do not cut the skin with scissors or a blade. The more you handle the heels in this way, the faster you will grow skin. Instead, regularly use a pumice stone. Treat it steamed heel or use dry. Can use pumice instead of a special grater or a large nail file for polishing nails. But don’t get too attached to together with the dead skin layer not to remove the delicate skin underneath.

6. Purchase a scrub for the feet – it will not replace a pumice stone, but it will cope with the removal of small skin flakes. In addition, such funds often have additional effects (nutrition, moisturizing, smoothing).

7. Taking a foot bath, add softening compositions. If you can not buy special tools, use the contents of the fridge. Add water, milk or vegetable (olive) oil, and afterwards RUB the skin with lemon.

8. Quickly cause rough skin heels in order to help, oddly enough, remedies for animals. Use a cream that treated the udders of the cows, it is perfectly softens skin, helps get rid of the cracks. The cream is sold in veterinary pharmacies.

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