How to remove pimples on the ass

Pimples on the very spicy place cause disorders of its owner, especially when the beach season has already begun. Open swimwear, and very short skirts is not to wear, because on a particular issue can learn surrounding people. Pimples on the butt tend to appear in hot weather, sweat and dust contribute to their growth and tight clothes only make the problem worse. To get rid of them in just a few days, the main thing is not to squeeze them.

Как убрать прыщи на попе

You will need

  • Sol
  • -water
  • scrub
  • -blue clay
  • -lotion with salicylic acid


1. Make a salt bath by dissolving a few tablespoons of salt in a basin of warm water and sit in it for a few minutes. So you to steam dead epithelium, which fall under the microbes and form problem areas.

2. Take any scrub and carefully apply on the area of the formation of pimples. To do this procedure you need through the day until the complete disappearance of symptoms. Scrub whatever you can take for face or body, and you can just mix baking soda or fine salt with liquid soap and use it.

3. Apply the mask from blue clay and wait 15 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse the skin. Clay should only be used after cleansing and steaming the skin. If this is not done, the effect will be minimal. Clay nourishes and at the same time dries the skin and draws out impurities from the pores.

4. Apply a lotion with salicylic acid ass and apply antibacterial cream. Spend cleaning procedures regularly, if this problem has occurred once, it can happen again.

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