How to remove fat from the arms and shoulders at home

Among women the problem of excess fat around upper arms and shoulders is very relevant. It cannot be solved in one day. But if you ask for and follow a proper diet in combination with necessary physical exercise, then after some time will be able to return the troubled parts of the body attractive shape.

Как убрать жир с рук и плеч в домашних условиях


1. A healthy diet is the first and basic step. No need to torture themselves with hunger or monotony of the food. Enough will adhere to minor restrictions in choice of food. Sweet and flour in the diet to minimize, but it is better to exclude.

2. You need to eat in a span of a few hours. There is a need in small portions. The body gets the necessary nutrients and does not accumulate excess fat. Frequent, but smaller meals is the secret to not only losing weight but also a healthy body.

3. 20 minutes before meal you need to drink about 200 grams of purified water. It is important to remember that tea, juice or other beverages cannot replace conventional water. Within 24 hours, it is recommended to drink 1.5 — 2.5 litres of water (taking into account the individual needs of your body) to accelerate the process of metabolism. This simple rule will help the conclusion is not liquid and fat from the body.

4. The next step is exercise on the problematic parts of the body. They are needed for uniform changes in the relief of problematic parts of the body.

5. Several times a day you should perform stretching exercises of the hand: rotation of the hands, elbow joints, forearm; flexion and extension of hands; waving the hands. It is important to remember that doing warm up from the lower parts of the arms gradually to the top.

6. Push-UPS — time-proven effective tool in burning fat in the arms. You can begin to do pushups from the wall or chair/ sofa, and when the arm muscles will be strengthened — to be wrung out from a floor.

7. It is useful to practice the exercises with a delay (1 — 2 minutes) in a vertical position at the top or back of the head. When the muscles get used, you can add a small overhead in the form of dumbbells weighing up to six lbs. Using exercises with dumbbells will accelerate the achievement of the desired result in the formation of the attractive shape of the shoulders and arms.

8. All of the above recommendations do not require much effort and costs and can be performed at home. The main thing — desire and regularity of action.

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