How to care your long hair

Long hair is beautiful only when care we pay attention. Using simple techniques when combing and washing, it is possible to provide the hair a healthy, well-groomed appearance.

Как обеспечивать уход длинным волосам


When hair care must take into account their type, in order to choose the right tool. If you have dandruff, use a special shampoo valid only as long as it does not disappear. Do not forget that cosmetic products aimed at solving certain problems, cannot be used continuously.

Technique used for washing, is no less important for the health of your hair. If they twist, RUB and squeeze, you can damage the locks very seriously. Detergent is better not to pour directly on the head, but to dissolve in warm water beat until foaming and only then apply shampoo on your head, but only for a few minutes. After that, the agent should thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Important and water temperature – it should be equal to 37 degrees. Colder water will not remove contamination, if you take it hot, the scalp becomes dry and dandruff can occur again. After washing should be applied to improve the structure of the balm over the entire length, avoiding the roots, or rinse them using a herbal infusion. The hair will become more elastic and will be easier to comb.


When combing we often damaged the structure of the curl, so you need to keep damage to a minimum. Avoid sudden movements when driving comb. If formed a Mat, you need to spray it tool to facilitate the process. Comb use a brush with bristles natural or artificial.

Wet hair combing is not necessary – they are not particularly durable. To begin dry them.


Long hair, usually to lay easy. But the process has its subtleties. You should not use this round brush, for short hair styles – they tend to get lost in the hair.

Caution should be taken in selecting the means for fastening of installation – most of them violate at hair of the keratin layer.

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