How to restore hair after bleaching at home

Women often resort to bleaching, but in the future faced with lots of problems — breakage, dryness, and sometimes hair loss. Consider effective ways to restore hair after the lightening procedure at home.

Как восстановить волосы после осветления в домашних условиях

Lightening hair is one of the most popular and common procedures. Usually this is harmless and sometimes even useful. Often used tools include natural ingredients, capable of nourishing the scalp and follicles of hair follicles.

Typically, after the procedure, the hair becomes brittle and dry. In order to return to its former silkiness, requires regular and proper care of hair. They should be enriched with useful vitamins and minerals that will help them once again become beautiful and soft.

Water treatments should involve the use of medications designed to alleviate the injured hair. It can be balms and conditioners with the contents of the keratin and amino acids.

There are a number of recommendations that will help restore the hair after coloring to its former silky and attractive appearance:

1) it is recommended to abandon the use of nail Polish or gel;

2) when combing the hair must be dry. Otherwise, the risk is not only strong injury the hair, but of hair loss;

3) it is necessary to use reinforcing and reducing agents, for example, masks with oil content.

Often after the procedure lightening many women are faced with the problem of strong hair loss.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to adhere to the above rules, and also a remedy designed to strengthen the hair.

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