How to care for hair in autumn

Change of weather often affects not only the health and the health of the body as a whole, but also on the health of the hair. They are the most susceptible test. During the change of seasons you need to think about protecting your hair from external influences such factors as the sun, hard water, dust.

Как ухаживать за волосами в осенний период

Often happens that unruly hair and then fall out, split ends, dull, and in short – looks horrible. Do not worry, all these problems can be eliminated.

First need to visit the hairdresser and ask to cut a few inches of hair. This is necessary in order to remove split ends and to give a more preppy look. There are many tips to improve the condition of hair at home, do not have to go to expensive beauty salons. The first thing to do is to properly wash her hair.

Tip # 1. Do not buy complex tools, such as 2 to 1. Use a separate shampoo and conditioner, preferably the same brand.

Tip # 2. Look in the refrigerator, probably there you can find a lot of products useful for the growth and health of hair. For example, everyone’s favorite egg yolk. To wash your hair with egg yolk, it must first be separated from the protein mix and add a little water or 50 ml of vodka. This mixture is rubbed into the scalp and rinse well with warm water.

Some wash the head of dairy drink yogurt. Here all easily and simply: apply yogurt on the hair, tied them with a handkerchief or towel, wait 10 minutes, then wash the head with water at room temperature, shampoo need not apply.

Good to rinse hair decoction of herbs: chamomile (if the blonde hair), nettle or tea (if dark hair).

Tip # 3. To drink vitamins. Pharmacies an abundance of funds, which are aimed at maintaining the health of the hair. They are sold in the form of vitamin complexes.

Tip # 4. To nourish and moisturize hair. To make masks for hair, especially good mask with oils, honey, aloe.

Tip # 5. Less likely to dry your hair and straighten them with a straightening iron.

Tip # 6. Massaging of the scalp. Brushing with a wooden brush will help the scalp to relax, relieve headaches, and stimulate circulation.

By following simple rules on hair treatments, it is possible to become the mistress of a luxurious strands and not to spend on salons is a lot of money.

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