What are the braces for the treatment of children’s teeth

Young children may experience a variety of diseases, including diseases of the teeth. In children common dental disease is malocclusion. This pathology is expressed in an abnormal position of the lower and upper layer of the teeth in the process of matching parts of the jaw.

Какими бывают брекеты для лечения детских зубов

The deviation of malocclusion can cause gum disease and the respiratory system. In this regard, such a malocclusion provides emergency dental treatment.

Braces installation

In children for the treatment of abnormalities of occlusion is well suited to install non-removable braces. Such systems represent a set of beketovyh plates integrated into a single mechanism by means of a special rod. Used dental braces include the installation on the front side of the patients teeth. In contact with the tooth surface these systems have the directional influence that leads to the return of abnormal teeth to normal position. In this way the elimination of deviations of the dental occlusion.

Technique for medical treatment between different models of braces, there is no difference. However, the material forming the respective products are divided into different categories. The main materials of braces are metal, plastic, or ceramic. Lately dentistry has been applied braces made of sapphire stone, looking essentially invisible once installed on the teeth.

Age limit

For the guys installing the bracket plates is carried out only after completion of the growth of all teeth. Considering this fact the braces can be applied at the age of 10 years, as in prior years, the condition of the teeth is still weak. In addition, the braces is prohibited and in diseases of the gums and oral cavity.

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