Lactose the lactating mother: symptoms and treatment

Lactose – a disease that has plagued so many young mothers. How to establish the process of feeding? How to make the feeding is not painful and happy moment of communication with their child? Take a look at what lactose is, what its symptoms and how to treat lactose in lactating mothers.

Лактостаз у кормящей матери: симптомы и лечение

Chest pain, discomfort, interfere with a breastfeeding woman to establish the process of feeding, the child is not getting laid. All these are manifestations of a disease such as lactose.

What is lactose?

Lactose can begin immediately after birth. The woman abruptly arrives milk. Two to three days the child is not able to suck large quantities of milk, and ways in which milk moves have not yet been developed.

Vital baby product stagnates in the chest. So the breast becomes stone and very painful. And the child is not getting laid as the sucking of such undeveloped Breasts is too much for him.

This stagnation of milk, associated with the sharp increase in its production, and is called lactose.

The disease is typical for the initial period of lactation, especially for nulliparous women. Women who gave birth for the second time, the lactose usually does not develop or is pronounced weak.

Лактостаз у кормящей матери: симптомы и лечение

Symptoms of lactose

Lactose may occur 4-5 days after birth. At this time a mother with a baby already at home, so you need to know the basic manifestations of this disease.

First, the breast enlargement is sometimes uneven, with one breast significantly larger than the other.

Second, the effect of the «stone» of the breast, i.e. the breast becomes hard and painful.

Thirdly, engorgement, nipple tenderness, edema.

Treatment of lactose

With this disease breast-feeding mom can handle yourself. For this, consider the following tips:

  • Often put the baby to your breast. Better to decant a small amount of milk.
  • Warm compresses help to improve the flow of milk in breast. You can do warm compresses or take a warm shower often.
  • Using oils and cream to do breast massage.
  • Лактостаз у кормящей матери: симптомы и лечение

    Such measures help to eliminate the stagnation of milk in the breast. Also, be aware that when lactose is necessary to feed the baby.

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