Why not charge the smartphone

The problem with the charging cell phone may cause a lot of trouble for the modern man. What can a user do in a situation if the phone stopped charging, so as not to spend money on contacting to the service center?

Почему не заряжается смартфон

And the truth is, many of the problems in the case when the phone is not charging, the user is able to decide for himself. Here are some situations in which it is possible to understand independently at home:

1. The problem with the phone battery

This problem is typical for phones, who served for a decent amount of time. Any battery has a certain lifespan and a finite number of charge cycles. If the old phone is quickly discharged or charged, but when you try to enable fast turn off, perhaps the root of the trouble is that the battery has served its time.

How to check?

— Open the phone and look at the battery. Very often, the battery is swollen.

— Go to nearest service center and ask them to show you the battery for your model of phone. Insert it into the phone. If the unit does not behave the same as with the old battery, just buy a new one. If the «behavior» of the old phone and the battery looks swollen, the problem is likely in the phone.

By the way, another problem with battery — oxidized contacts. Diagnosed it this way — remove the battery from the machine and carefully clean the contacts. If your phone has become normal to turn on and charge, the problem was precisely the lack of normal contact battery-phone.

2. The problem with the charger

Charger cable may eventually break or it can damage Pets. Borrow a charger of the same model from a friend or just buy a new one.

3. The lack of contact

Charging may end suddenly the normal charging device for no apparent reason.

How to check?

Try to slightly move the charging connector in phone. This should be done very carefully! Maybe the connector in the phone is loose or partly sealed-off from the Board of tefana. If so, this problem can be solved only by a specialist.

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