How to make a black list for nokia

For those customers who want to protect themselves from unwanted calls and messages, Telecom operator MegaFon has developed a special service called «blacklist». To use it (i.e. to make a list of numbers) you want to connect to. By the way, this may be done by the owners of all mobile phones, including the Nokia brand.

Как внести в черный список на телефоне nokia


1. In the management of the service (activation, deactivation and configuration) is no big deal. You can do any of the following methods. For example, to connect to «blacklist» you can use USSD-request *130# or call reference services 0500 (toll-free). In addition, there is the possibility of sending SMS-messages to short number 5130 (text of the message did not specify). The operator will process the request within 3-5 minutes and you will receive almost one after the other two texts. The first will inform you that the service has been ordered, and from the second you learn that the service has been successfully activated (or not activated for whatever reason). As soon as you receive both messages, you will get the ability to edit the blacklist.

2. To make the desired numbers to the list you must use the number USSD-command *130*+79XXXXXXXXX#. To replenish the list you can also send an SMS with the text + and the number of the person you want to ignore. Don’t forget about the fact that each of the insertion rooms only need to specify the format 79xxxxxxxx. In that case, if you suddenly want to delete one of them, just send a USSD-request to number *130*079XXXXXXXXX# or a message that contains the «-» sign and phone number.

3. After editing the black list, you can view the rest entered the room. It’s enough to send a USSD-request to number *130*3# or SMS message with the command «INF» short number 5130. If the number is in the list left a lot, but you want to delete all in one step, rather than individually, use another query *130*6#. In addition, you may completely cancel the service: simply type the text message «OFF» and send it to mentioned number 5130. To help you can send USSD-request *130*4#.

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