Causes of odor in the intimate area

Periodic women’s selection is a natural phenomenon. Every woman at least once in his life faced with a similar problem, but another thing, if vaginal secretions become abundant and are distinguished by a sharp, unpleasant smell. How to remove odor from the intimate area, what methods exist?

Причины запаха в интимной зоне

Light, subtle smell is not a cause for concern. But if you feel stable, or rotten fish stench should contact the women’s advice – perhaps fragrant selection — the beginning of the inflammatory process of the cervix or other diseases of the female. Reasons for sudden changes in the intimate microflora can be very much, since inside the vagina is home to a large number of interacting with other microbes. Half of them vital to the woman.

Factors and diseases affecting the occurrence of unpleasant odor:

  • Candidiasis or thrush. Thick leucorrhoea are formed in large quantities when the weather changes, excessive use of antibiotics, failure of hormones, wear damp clothes, late change of pads;
  • Vaginosis. Reason: too active multiplication of bacteria, ingestion of seminal fluid, new sexual partner, use of douching;
  • Diseases of a venereal nature (syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc.);
  • Sometimes a whitish highlight appear after menstruation and go away. These days the main thing to keep clean and to wash several times a day;
  • With the disease of obesity the observed characteristic smell of rotten fish. Most common in pregnant women.

How to remove odor from the vagina

Wash the vagina and labia need to correct. In any case, do not use syringes – pouring in the water, you disrupt the natural inner shell and destroy part of beneficial microorganisms which protect the vaginal mucosa against pathogenic infection external infections. Water well remove odors, but is not a panacea from all troubles – trying to wash out the inside, you can of infection deeper. Pharmaceutical aerosols can cause irritation and worsen the condition.

For cleaning use a simple or baby soap without additives. Do not forget to change underwear once a day, choose panties made of high quality, cotton material: your body will breathe. Too tight clothing of synthetic materials can cause excessive sweating, which will affect the condition of your intimate area. After intense exercise it is recommended to immediately change into dry clothes, take a shower.

Important. After going to the bathroom never wiped up movement. Hand with toilet paper should always lead in the opposite direction from the vagina. Alarm bell, if every trip to the toilet you feel a slight burning or itching. Such symptoms clearly indicate the presence of internal inflammation. Pay attention to the color whiter. It should not be grey, yellow or greenish patches. Selection may have a strong smell of yeast, the cause of which lies in the abundant reproduction of fungal bacteria.

How to get rid of the smell of homemade ways

The use of yogurt regulates the bowels and restores a favorable environment of the intimate area. It is no secret that certain foods can enhance undesirable selection, so do not abuse alcohol, dairy and coffee drinks. Onion, garlic, hot spices also have a side effect.

Bath treatment with vinegar and salt get rid of the discomfort for a while. To do this in the tub, add a half Cup of acetic acid and the same of salt. To completely get rid of the problem do not succeed, but the adoption of a vinegar bath will be a good prevention.

Причины запаха в интимной зоне

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