What is the cause of bad breath and what to do

Breath is a fairly common problem 90% of the population. The hassle and problems during the day do not give full care for the oral cavity, and if the smell of garlic or cigarette can be sustained, unpleasant, putrid smell during a private conversation very few people will like. What are the causes of bad breath exist, and how to deal with them?

Какова причина запаха изо рта и что делать

Because of the peculiarities of the structure of the nasopharynx is not always possible to understand how fresh your breath is, first and foremost, taste good smell to recognize friends or strangers on the street that you will agree, not very nice.

To detect bad breath is possible by a simple method:

  • Cover your hand over my mouth and nose, breathe into the hand;
  • Run your tongue over the skin of the wrist, wait until the saliva dries, smell.

Usually these methods are enough to understand what the atmosphere is like in your mouth. The scientific name of unpleasant bad breath – halitosis or ozostomia. Excessive accumulation of bacteria on the mucosa and create acidic environment in which microbes multiply with great speed. Diseases of the digestive tract problem is more serious and can become chronic. If after 10-15 minutes after brushing the smell returns, you should consult a doctor. The first who should bring a visit to the dentist. But don’t think that if you cure tooth decay, the smell will disappear forever. The main mass of bacteria accumulates on the front of the tongue, and he forgets to clean the vast number of people. Tongue covered with white or yellow plaque, requires urgent care, and possible treatment.

How dangerous coating on the tongue, how it affects the microflora of the oral cavity

Plaque is food particles stuck in the language, taste the dermal papilla. If too much plaque on the surface of the tongue formation of poisonous acids with sulfur components, which are able to create such a nefarious spirit that warps a person’s face. White patches most often found in the morning, clean off its best special brush, and then use the toothpaste. Deposits on the tongue to create problems taste buds. In the case of severe colds, white film clogs the papillae on the tongue that are responsible for salty, spicy, sweet and bitter tastes.

Yellow, rather loose language film — the result of delayed dental treatment. The smell is more putrid with a strong spirit. If you do not take any action, plaque can harden and change color to brown, orange and even green.

Growths on the tongue and subsequent odor can be a cause of diseases such as:

  • Inflammation of the gallbladder, stomach;
  • Violation of the digestive tract;
  • Liver disease;
  • Sore throat;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Gastritis;
  • Parasites worms in the intestine;
  • Periodontal disease, tooth decay, knocked tooth enamel;
  • Damage to the tongue, cracks or sores;
  • Diabetes.

A grayish hue caused due to prolonged use of antibiotics, and sometimes because of the increased dryness of mucous. The reason is simple — at night the saliva produced slowly. The chronic form of the dry mouth – xerostomia, but affected people who are forced to talk a lot due to the nature of work: lawyers, teachers, tour guides. Remember, the longer you delay treatment, the harder it is to get rid of the disease.

What to do if the language is healthy, and breath does not pass

Think about what kind of food you eat. If you remove the factor of possible internal diseases, the main reason lies in the reproduction of germs inside the mouth. The microbes consume the food of the tongue and mucous membranes of the walls, throw out the excess digested, as well as it does. Microbes eat mainly proteins, which are contained for example in meat or fish products. To protein foods include whey, milk, yogurt, cheese, yoghurt, eggs. Even if we exclude from the diet of meat (which is harmful), bacteria will find protein in your body, by eating dead skin cells. From the growth of bacteria that can not escape, because it is a natural process.

Tip: eat more vegetables and fruits. Brush teeth, gums and tongue morning and evening. Use the floss. The toothpaste should contain antibacterial, antiseptic properties, so carefully read the part before you buy. Good effect, have a mint or herbal rinses. In the composition of hygiene products should be sodium chloride, chlorine dioxide. Chewing gum or menthol candies have a temporary cooling effect and increase the production of saliva which cleanses the mouth.

If breath is not associated with external problems, consult a gastroenterologist.

Какова причина запаха изо рта и что делать

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