How to use Lugol’s iodine

A mixture of potassium iodide and iodine dissolved in water or glycerin, is called Lugol. The tool has antimicrobial activity and is therefore used to treat skin infections and diseases of ENT-organs.

Как использовать раствор люголя


1. The name of the solution received in 1829, when the French physician Jean Lugol proposed to use it in tuberculosis. Now the disease is a contraindication for internal use of the solution, however the drug has been successfully used in otolaryngology and surgery.

2. For acute and chronic tonsillitis treat the mucous membrane of the larynx and pharynx with a solution of Lugol. Soak in the medicine cotton-gauze and wipe them gaps. In the acute stage of the disease and carry out the procedure daily until complete recovery. In the presence of chronic infection enough treatment through the day, but for two weeks.

3. In atrophic rhinitis 3 times a week to lubricate nasal passages with a solution of Lugol. Processing spend with a cotton swab. The treatment in this case is long — 2-3 months, but the result is worth it.

4. Purulent otitis media instill a daily into the ear canal drop by drop of Lugol’s solution. Continue therapy for two weeks, even if the improvement will come sooner this time.

5. For the treatment of wounds and burns apply on the affected area gauze pad soaked in Lugol’s solution. Change the dressing every 1-2 days.

6. To cleanse the body 2 times per week drink 100 ml of water in which is dissolved one drop of Lugol’s solution. Continue treatment for one month.

7. After scintigraphy, take Lugol twice a day for 5-10 drops. The exact dosage depends on the dose received radiation and radiation. The average course of treatment is 1.5-3 weeks.

8. For the treatment which restores stomatitis (in common — zaedy) daily before bedtime do appliques with Lugol’s solution. Perform the procedure until full recovery.

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